Expats Can Get These 7 Visas To Live In UAE Without A Job

by Deeplata Garde
Expats Can Get These 7 Visas To Live In UAE Without A Job

UAE’s visa policy personally witnessed significant changes that had important ramifications for visas. Adding the 7 visas to live in UAE improves the nation’s tourism, economic, and educational competitiveness. Around 85% of people in the UAE are foreigners. Most of them require a work visa to reside here because they are employed here.

7 Visas To Live In UAE

However, the UAE government has announced a considerable extension of the visa programme that would enable foreigners to live and enjoy the highest standard of living this nation has to offer without a work visa.

1. Green Residency Visa

A five-year resident visa, often known as a UAE green visa, has been added to the list of visas. The concept permits extended grace periods of up to six months to remain in the nation after a residence visa expires.

Until the age of 25, citizens of the UAE may sponsor their unmarried boys. Their unmarried daughters, regardless of age, are also subject to the present restriction of 18 years.

2. Golden Visa

The UAE Golden Visa has been particularly prized by many expats worldwide since it was first introduced. However, not everyone is eligible to apply due to its strict qualifying standards and necessity as a document. Consequently, it has some advantages as well.

3. Remote Working

There is now a new annual visa option for people who work from home in other countries and want to live and work in Dubai. The visas would be given out annually and getting one might be simple if you work from home. As a result of the migration, remote workers and their families will be able to move to Dubai. In some ways, this strengthens Dubai’s status as a central international commercial hub and demonstrates the city’s flexibility.


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4. Retirement Visa

UAE introduces various benefit programmes for its residents. The ministry has now unveiled a groundbreaking retirement visa programme for older persons. Following the historical introduction of paternity leave for workers in the commercial sector. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Dubai Tourism have started a programme to encourage retirees worldwide to apply for a retirement visa in Dubai.

5. Divorce Or Widowers With Children

The UAE-based women residing there on their husband’s visa at the time of their divorce or widowhood are eligible for this one-year visa extension. The extension is valid for one year from the date of death or divorce, requires no replacement sponsor, and is only renewable once. The woman’s and her children’s visas had to be current at the time of the demise or divorce.

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6. Job Exploration Visa

In April this year, the UAE government launched a new entry visa to “explore professional prospects.” The designation is Job Exploration Visa. The judgement will likely take effect in September. Although the registration portal has not yet been made public, the visa’s 60-day validity is twice that of the norm. The standard visa is valid for one month.

7. Humanitarian Exemptions

This visa is given to a female resident who had an Emirati husband who had passed away and had one or more children.

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