UAE Visa: Everything You Need To Know About The Multi-Entry Options For Working Professionals

by Shrestha Purkayastha
UAE Visa: Everything You Need To Know About The Multi-Entry Options For Working Professionals

To attract and retain talent, the UAE government has introduced a number of innovative immigration programmes. In addition, the UAE will be developed as the best destination to work and live in the world. The UAE aspires to be a worldwide hub for professionals and talents from all over the world to grow and thrive through a variety of residency choices for various disciplines and professions. At the same time, you’re helping to grow the country.

Dubai introduced a five-year multi-entry visa for staff of international corporations on November 16 to make it easier for them to visit the city for business conferences, exhibits, meetings, and events. The visa is good for 90 days and can be extended for another 90 days. The following is a list of the most important visas and residency programmes that the UAE has introduced at the federal level:

1. Golden Visa

The Golden Visa, which was announced in 2019, is a five- or ten-year residency programme for investors, entrepreneurs, specialised skills, researchers, and top students.

Benefit: In the UAE, you can live without a sponsor and own 100% of your business.

Eligibility: Over the last two years, the categories have been expanded to include ex-pats of various occupations. Doctors, PhD holders, scientists, innovators, researchers, humanitarian workers, investors, entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, and experts in science, engineering, electronics, coding, energy, health, education, business management, and technology are among the participants. Students at UAE-based approved colleges with a GPA of 3.8 or higher are eligible for the Golden visa.

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2. Green Visa

The Green Visa, which was announced in September 2021 as part of the UAE’s first wave of ambitious projects for the next 50 years, grants highly skilled individuals self-residency.

Benefit: Instead of 18, self-sponsorship allows you to sponsor family members, including parents and children up to the age of 25.

Eligibility: Top students and graduates, as well as investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

3. Freelancer Visa

Self-employed workers in the UAE and abroad can sponsor themselves under this federal visa programme.

Benefit: Across the country, self-sponsorship and freedom are used for a variety of purposes.

Eligibility: Across the country, self-sponsorship and freedom are used for a variety of purposes.

4. Multiple-Entry Tourism Visa

The UAE introduced a five-year multiple-entry visa in March 2021, allowing visitors to stay in the country for 90 days. It’s possible to extend it for another 90 days.

Benefit: Multiple entries, lengthier stays, and self-sponsorship are all possibilities.

Eligibility: Tourists from all around the world.

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5. Remote Work Visa

The UAE also announced the ‘Remote Work Visa’ scheme in March 2021, which would allow employees of foreign enterprises to reside and work remotely from the UAE for a year.

Benefit: Self-sponsorship, flexibility, access to the UAE’s favourable business climate, and networking opportunities are all advantages.

Eligibility: Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and people with proof of employment are all eligible.

6. Retirement Visa

The UAE authorised a five-year visa scheme for retired residents over 55 years old in September 2018. If qualifying criteria are met, there is an opportunity to renew. The UAE announced changes to the retirement residency in November 2021. To make it easier for foreigners who want to stay in the country once they retire.

Benefit: Self-sponsorship, asset retention in the UAE, and access to the country’s strong lifestyle and facilities are all available.

Eligibility: Individuals who are retired and own one or more properties worth Dh1 million. Alternatively, a Dh1 million bank deposit is required. Or a yearly active income of at least Dh180,000.

7. Temporary Work Permit

The one-year temporary work permit, which was announced in September as part of the UAE’s Projects of the 50, allows teenagers to get a part-time job to help them shape their abilities and prepare for the profession while they study.

Benefit: Gain work experience before graduating from high school to enhance university resumes and increase future career opportunities.

Eligibility: Those between the ages of 15 and 18.

8. Citizenship

The UAE announced changes to the Citizenship Law in January 2021. Providing residents and their family with the opportunity to obtain a UAE passport. They can keep their current nationality. Beneficiaries will be chosen based on a set of criteria for each category.

Benefit: Become a permanent member of the UAE community as it develops and expands to new heights.

Eligibility: Doctors, scientists, engineers, artists, authors, inventors, investors and their families.

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9. Other Regulatory Visa Changes You Need To Know

The government proposed regulatory reforms to visa programmes to be implemented soon as part of the first batch of the UAE’s ‘Projects of the 50’:

a) Parents can now be sponsored by members of their immediate family.

b) Instead of 18, children can be sponsored by their parents until they are 25 years old.

c) Instead of 30 days, employees can leave the nation after 90-180 days if they lose their jobs or retire.

d) Widows, divorced women, and other humanitarian circumstances are eligible for a one-year extension of their residency.