Ready To Visit Expo 2020 Dubai? Don’t Forget To Pack These Essential Things

by Shrestha Purkayastha
by Shrestha Purkayastha763

With 60 shows every day, 191 country pavilions, and over 200 restaurants at the venue, this awe-inspiring event is one of the many glorious ceremonies that the Emiratis and people from all over the world keep an eye on. Having said that, they say wise are those who plan and organise everything beforehand. Well, then to ensure the same, let’s give you a list of essentials that you must not forget while gearing up for your smooth and memorable time in Dubai this year.

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1. Ticket:

Tickets can be downloaded and printed at home, or you can buy them at one of the entrances. Day tickets are Dh95. Multi-day passes cost Dh195 and are valid for 30 consecutive days from the first day of use. The season pass lasts the full six months and costs Dh495. Entry is free for many, including those under 18.  Also, for anyone aged 60 and over, and people with disabilities, students with a valid ID card, plus nannies and drivers.

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2. Water Bottle

As much as you do get to calm your hunger, you are also much likely to get dehydrated- given the immense kilometres to cover. Should you have filled water bottles handy then you wouldn’t have to look for the same in haste and can enjoy your time just as planned.

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3. Sun Protection

Well, even during winters, the temperature could range from 23-29 degrees.  With an abundance to watch and live in and around, it is always likely advisable to apply sunscreen or at least some sort of sun protection in order to avoid skin burns, tans and similar skin concerns.

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4. Medical Basics

Expo 2020 is a blend of fascination and tiresome. With an unimaginable square foot area, you wouldn’t want to encounter boils and blisters while having the ultimate feel, isn’t so? So, do not forget to carry band-aids, crepe bandages, ointments among other necessities.

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5. Power Bank/ Portable Charger

Who would want to miss even an iota of a glimpse to get captured in their smartphones and cameras? Yes, you better remember that you possibly cannot do without a power bank or a portable charger then. In a generation where just perceiving with your eyes isn’t enough, technology comes into the picture. Your respective gadgets will definitely call for charging themselves while intaking innumerable captures.

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6. Mini Travel Fan

It’s obvious that the event doesn’t have a fully centralised airconditioned provision. In that case, a must-pack item would be a travel-sized handled fan. As already discussed about Dubai’s weather probabilities, having a convenient portable fan will be a lifesaver. Stay cool as you stroll under the hot desert sun or stroll down for kilometres without air conditioning.

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7. Deodorant Wipes/Dry Towel

During a long day of sightseeing and exploring, you’ll likely want to take a moment to quickly freshen up. These deodorant wipes are small enough to be tossed into your purse or daypack for easy access whenever you need them. Useful in endless scenarios, the dry towel is lightweight and can be tossed into your purse or daypack when you’re on the go.

Now that we’ve got you everything covered, get set for the most happening experience of the year.

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