Guide To Bring Your Family On A Residence Visa To UAE

by Saniya
Guide To Bring Your Family On A Residence Visa To UAE

Missing your family back home and want to call them to UAE to stay with you? Sponsoring a Family residence visa in UAE has never been this easy. So if you are planning to call your wife and daughter to reside with you in UAE, now is the best time.

Wondering what all documents you will need? We have got you a complete guide of all the things you need to know in order to sponsor your wife and children’s visas and get them here.

Who Can Sponsor Family In UAE?

1. All expatriate workers can sponsor their families in UAE as long as you have a valid residency permit and a salary of AED 4000 per month all-inclusive or AED 3000 plus housing.

2. If you are a woman planning to sponsor your children even though your husband meets the sponsoring requirement, then you will not be eligible to sponsor the kids.

3. Wives can sponsor the husbands in UAE!

4. All incoming family members above 18 need to pass the fitness tests.

How Long Is The Visa For?

Once the family members enter the visa on Visa Entry Permit, the dependant’s residence visa has to be applied within 60 days.

Depending on the nature of the expat sponsor’s work contract, family members are granted visas ranging from 1 year to 3 years. Whereas, the expat employers have their families getting residence visas for 3 years in UAE.

Family Members You Can Sponsor

1. Sponsor your wife by submitting an authenticated marriage certificate translated into Arabic by a certified translator.

2. You can sponsor your daughter for as long as they are unmarried.

3. Sponsor your son until they are under the age of 18. You can sponsor them after 18 only if they are in universal with a visa validity of 1 year until the age of 21.

Documents Required

1. Online application

2. Passport copies of family members with a minimum six-month validity

3. Photos of family members

4. Medical Clearance Certificate for wife and children over 18

5. Salary certificate from the employer

6. Authenticated Marriage certificate translated duly in Arabic (for wife)

7. Duly certified birth certificate (for children)

8. In the case of daughters over 18 years of age, a written statement testifying they are unmarried.

9. Registered tenancy contract

10. Latest utility bill from DEWA, SEWA, etc.

11. Prescribed fee for each application