Fashion Spread! Louis Vuitton Has An Exclusive Hazelnut Chocolate Spread That Costs ₹2255; Available Only At…

LV now has a velvety chocolate spread to go with your croissants!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Fashion Spread! Louis Vuitton Has An Exclusive Hazelnut Chocolate Spread That Costs ₹2255; Available Only At…

Till now you could only wear Louis Vuitton products, now you can eat them too! This French luxury brand has ventured into the business of decadent chocolates with its great hazelnut chocolate spread! People are going crazy over it but the wildest thing about this is that these delectable sweets are available only at two stores in the entire world.

Louis Vuitton Is Now Selling Exclusive Hazelnut Chocolate Spread!

From iconic handbags, jackets, shoes and jewellery to now sweets. This luxurious brand only has two pop-up stores dedicated entirely to handcrafted chocolates. They are in Singapore and Paris!

For the Paris outlet, Chef Pâtissier Maxime Frédéric presents handcrafted and exclusive LV-branded chocolates that are so cute that you might not want to eat them. A limited number of chocolates and spreads fly from Paris to Singapore for the outlet there.

Louis Vuitton’s hazelnut chocolate spread made ripples through the Internet when it launched. LV’s sweet, velvety and luxurious spread is named ‘Pate a Tartiner Choc Au Lait’. It is a concoction of roasted hazelnuts, milk chocolate and blue vanilla which has a distinct flavour. The richness of this is perfect for breakfast sandwiches, croissants and desserts.

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What Else Do They Sell?

You will be in awe as soon as you step into these Louis Vuitton pop-up cafes. Everything is aligned with the brand and the detailed presentation is just the cherry on top! The rest of the chocolates are Monogram Flower, Filled Chocolate Pralines, Filled Trunk Choc Noir, Chocolate Bar Choc Au Lait and a few other exclusive ones lined up for you.

It is quite a challenging task to get your hands on these limited sweet treats as folks empty the racks as soon as they are stocked up. But you never know, you might be the lucky one!

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It’s a pure drool-worthy affair at these special LV stores!

Where: Louis Vuitton Island Maison, 2 Bayfront Ave, B1-38/39 Louis Vuitton Island Store, Singapore

                 Le Chocolat Maxime Frédéric, 26 quai de la Mégisserie, 75001 Paris

When: 11 AM – 11:30 PM (Singapore)

11 AM – 10 PM (Paris)

Cost: $36.55 (SGD)


Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/maxime.frederic

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