Six Easy Tips To Find Comfort In The Air

by Kamiya Jani
Six Easy Tips To Find Comfort In The Air

Air travel made easy

Regardless of whether you need to rejuvenate on your holiday or be effective at achieving your goal on a business trip, here are a few tips that help you enjoy and not feel exhausted after a long-haul flight.

1. Drink plenty of water

It’s dry up there. I know it’s annoying to ask your co-passenger to get up everytime you need to visit the loo but that should not deter you from keeping yourself hydrated. You must replenish your body with water and juices. However, drink tea and coffee in moderation.


2. Travel Light

Don’t be afraid of checking in your luggage. The walk to the boarding gate and then to the exit after you land can sometimes run into kilometers. Don’t weigh yourself down. Carry only the essential items that you will need during the flight.



3. Ditch Lenses, Wear glasses

The next time you fly, soak a terrycloth hand towel so that it’s dripping wet and hang it up on the flight deck for only half an hour. The towel will be bone dry at the end of the time. Now imagine what the environment is doing to your body and your eyes. Cabin air is drier than normal therefore swap your contact lenses for glasses.



4. Moisturize Your Skin

Remember its dry up there and it sucking out all the moisture from your skin. Therefore, be generous while moisturizing your skin to ensure that it doesn’t dry out.



5. Keep moving

Exercise your lower legs and muscles, this encourages blood flow. Plus, its always nice to take a stroll along the aisle and find out what everyone is up to.



6. Make Yourself Comfortable

Loosen your clothing, remove jacket and avoid anything pressing against your body. Yes, it includes opening your jeans top button or your bra strap. Remember to cover it up with a blanket that comes handy.

Do you have more tips to offer? Please share in the comments below.