Five Things I Always Have In My Carry-On Bag

by Kamiya Jani
Five Things I Always Have In My Carry-On Bag

Things to be carried

While it may seem obvious that you should always have cash, cards, ID Proof, Passport in your handbag, here is a list of few more essentials that would make travel an easy-breezy affair for you.

Sanitizer1. Sanitizer

Be it the unhygienic conditions or just the sheer laziness to get up and wash your hands, a sanitizer is an answer to keep the germs away and stay clean. Occupies very little space this sanitizer is an alternative to hand washing.

2. Eye Mask
eye mask

Scientifically proven, eye masks are an affordable and natural way to help you sleep faster and longer. Keeps all the lights away and induce a state of complete darkness.

3. Gadget Kit

Flight delays, long drives, stranded ear phonesat an unknown place, this kit shall never ditch you unless your phone’s network decides to do so.

Remember to make a pouch with all your gadgets together that includes your phone, portable charger and your earphones.

scarf4. Scarf

To have that stylish printed piece of fabric around your neck not only adds to the style quotient but is truly a Swiss Army knife of the travel space. They keep you warm when it’s cold outside, they block you from mid-day sun and also act as a great beach cover up. (Here’s why scarf is truly a Swiss Army knife of the travel space)

5. Knick-knacks

Hangry – a state of anger caused by lack of food and causing a negative change in emotional state. Translation: Feed me or I’LL CUT YOU. Always better to carry biscuits or dry fruits to avoid such moments in situations.

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