Fly 300 Metres High And Enjoy Aerial Views Of The Dubai Desert On A Paramotor

by Deeplata Garde
Fly 300 Metres High And Enjoy Aerial Views Of The Dubai Desert On A Paramotor

Dubai people, are you ready for some more adventure available in the city? With the weekend approaching, plan a dose of experience instead of slogging in bed. Go ride a paramotor in Dubai, soaring 300 meters above ground, and enjoy Dubai desert views. What’s paramotoring, you ask? It’s like paragliding, but with intensity. So are you up for the challenge?

Tandem Flight

A tandem trip on Xcitor is a paramotor that provides a truly exceptional experience that is unmatched by any other type of aircraft. It is one of the most authentic Dubai desert experiences because of its adaptability and a high degree of safety.

Just picture yourself hovering a few metres above the dunes while gazelles stampede across the desert. It’s all about taking the adventure and clicking selfies with Dubai Lake from a high vantage point before visiting the nearby camel farms and communities as a memory.

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Or, if you’re feeling particularly daring, request an aerobatic flight that includes high-G spirals and hair-raising low-level flying. They will assist you with the ideal desert flying experience and push you to the edge to make it unforgettable.


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Package Deals To Get On That Adventure With Paramotor

The company provides you with optional packages according to your needs and budget. The packages are of two types-regular and premium. The difference between the two packages is that regular will cost you around AED 1260 and premium with 1575 AED. Also, the premium package, apart from the trip, will offer you a video of the memory you will create taking the paramotor. Both packages will show you 20 mins of flight time. It’s easy to reach the spot to start your adventure. Just get to SkyDive Dubai Desert Campus, which is at E66 Exit 47. It will hardly take you 30 mins to drive from Dubai. Although each aircraft can only carry one passenger, we can set up group flights. So this becomes the ideal present to surprise your clan. The flight would be an incredibly cosy and secure aeroplane. Choose between flying at sunrise or sunset and experience the flight of your life.

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