Fly Directly To Los Angeles & Boston As Air India Plans To Start Direct Flights

by Shreya Shriyan
Fly Directly To Los Angeles & Boston As Air India Plans To Start Direct Flights

In a strategic move, Air India aims to strengthen its presence in the international aviation market and provide passengers with increased accessibility. And how does this benefit you? Well, you may soon be able to travel directly to US cities like Boston and Los Angeles. Thanks to Air India’s smart yet resourceful move.

Air India To Start Direct Flights To Los Angeles & Boston

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Sources reveal that Air India, owned by Tata Group, intends to expand its flight operations to additional US cities, including Los Angeles. The airline is actively evaluating various metrics for this expansion. 

At present, Air India already operates non-stop flights to five American cities—Washington, DC, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and San Francisco—reported Economic Times. 

Sources indicate that Air India is actively considering Los Angeles and Boston as potential new destinations for long-haul flights originating from India. As reported by MoneyControl.

Reports also stated that currently, the airline maintains a codeshare partnership with United Airlines.

As per the reports, aviation experts stress the need to analyse key factors like fleet size, pilot strength, and route traffic volume when launching a new destination. They also emphasise evaluating current pilot strength and cabin crew training. And also, ground staff readiness at the potential airport. 

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How The Airline Is Trying To Revive Itself

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They believe these factors significantly influence the decision-making process. Many Indian nationals or people of Indian origin reside or work in the US, including students attending various American universities. Additionally, the US attracts numerous Indian tourists. This move could help a lot of such travellers. 

According to the airline, Air India, which was taken over by the Tata Group in January last year, is on the path to revival. In a significant move, the airline announced in February this year that it will purchase a total of 470 narrow-body and wide-body planes from Airbus and Boeing, making it one of the largest aircraft orders by an airline. 

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The estimated value of the entire deal is $80 billion. From Airbus, Air India will acquire 250 aircraft, including 40 wide-body A350 planes, while from Boeing, it will obtain 220 planes, including 190 737-Max, 20 787s, and 10 777s.

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