France, Tunisia & More! easyJet To Start Flying On 9 New Routes From UK

by Tooba Shaikh

The famous airline easyJet which is based in the United Kingdom or the UK is all set to start nine new flight routes. This means that this particular airline will now start flying to nine new places. The airline has put these routes on sale and interested people can book their seats from their mobile applications as well as on the official website of the airline. Here are details about the new flight routes.

easyJet To Ply On Nine New Routes From The UK


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The famous British airline will ply on nine new routes from the UK. These will be to places like Paris, Lyon, Glasgow, Belfast, Marrakech, Enfidha, Grenoble and Akureyri. This means that people who are looking to fly to these destinations now have access to more options.

It will begin operations on these new routes starting next winter. What is more is that on eight of these nine new routes, the airline will be offering attractive holiday packages. These packages start from £269 or ₹27,441. Among others, weekly services to Grenoble and new routes to France will also commence in the coming winter. 

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First UK Airline To Offer A Flight Route To Akureyri


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The new routes, rates and their frequency is as follows: –

1. Route: Birmingham to Paris

Cost: £26.99 (₹2,752)

Frequency: Seven times a week

Commencement Date: 30th October

2. Route: Birmingham to Lyon

Cost: £29.99 (₹3,058)

Frequency: Thrice a week.

Commencement Date: 18th December

3. Route: London Southend to Paris

Cost: £27.99 (₹2,854)

Frequency: Four times a week.

Commencement Date: 29th October

4. Route: Glasgow to Southampton

Cost: £29.49 (₹3,007)

Frequency: Twice a week

Commencement Dates: 2nd November

5. Route: Belfast to Southampton

Cost: £32.49 (₹3,312)

Frequency: Thrice a week

Commencement Date: 29th October

6. Route: Bristol to Marrakesh

Cost: £32.49 (₹3,312)

Frequency: Twice a week

Commencement: 31st October

7. Route: London Luton to Enfidha

Cost: £38.99 (₹3,975)

Frequency: Thrice a week

Commencement: 30th October

8. Route: Manchester to Grenoble

Cost: £34.99 (₹3,567)

Frequency: Once a week

Commencement: 10th December

9. Route: London Gatwick to Akureyri

Cost: £91.99 (₹9,380)

Frequency: Twice a week

Commencement: 31st October

easyJet has become the first airline in the UK to offer a route all the way to Akureyri in Iceland.

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Will you be flying via any of these routes anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons