FREE Vouchers For Women At Phoneix Market City, Bangalore

by Anvi Doshi
FREE Vouchers For Women At Phoneix Market City, Bangalore

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A whole month of FREE vouchers at Phoenix Market City Bangalore, only for women!

What’s The Catch? 

Ladies, let’s admit it. It’s pretty upsetting when we’ve got just one day out of the 365 dedicated to us. But Phoenix Market City, Bangalore is changing the above scenario with flair. This March, head to the biggest mall in Bangalore to celebrate their Women’s Month.

Here’s the catch: Any woman who visits Phoenix Market City, Bangalore in March gets FREE shopping vouchers until the 31st! (WHAT?!) I mean, I don’t think any man’s ever celebrated us this way, but damn, we sure should celebrate ourselves, right?

Don’t Miss… 

Now there’s got to be some scoop when it’s an entire month of celebrating women. And the scoop involves a much awaited spring-summer collection that will bring in hues of our beloved coral. Guess what? You don’t have to wait for the next end-of-season sale because brands all over the mall are offering you some pretty neat deals. What’s better than bagging some of the nicest buys of the season? Nothing.

Stay For… 

Phoenix Market City, Bangalore is hosting some amazing live events through the month as well. Which equals to you grabbing a bunch of your girlfriends and heading to the mall to vibe with jam sessions and exclusive exhibits.


Address: Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevpura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048
Time: Closes 10 p.m.