From Dubai To Antalya, Best Things To Do In At Top 3 Middle-Eastern Cities Ranked Safest For Solo Female Travellers

by Deeplata Garde
From Dubai To Antalya, Best Things To Do In At Top 3 Middle-Eastern Cities Ranked Safest For Solo Female Travellers

Female Solo Travellers to date face intimidating challenges on their trip. So searching for a destination that ensures all-around safety for women becomes a strenuous situation. To save us from this crisis, InsureMyTrip, a travel insurance company conducted a survey to test the safe destination for solo female travellers and the results are amazing. We have 3 Middle Eastern cities ranking in the top 10 and we can’t hold our excitement to boast about them. Let’s get started!

3 Top Middle Eastern Cities That Are Safest For Solo Female Travellers

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In terms of security, employment opportunities, and gender equality, Madinah, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), come out on top. 65 locations were ranked according to cost, safety, gender equality, and tourism by InsureMyTrip, one of the top websites for comparing travel insurance. Out of these many destinations, these 3 Middle Eastern cities stood in the top 10 according to the rankings. Dubai is the most popular destination in almost every aspect undoubtedly, stood first. It was followed by Antalya, Turkey at 4th and Madinah, Saudi Arabia at 7th rank. Let’s check out the top spots you could visit in these cities when you plan your solo trip itinerary.

Top Hotspots To Visit For Solo Female Travellers

1. Dubai

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We all know the rules and regulations make it a safe place to be in and the people adhere to the law. The government introduces ample facilities and initiatives for the socio-economic growth of people here. So not just safety but this Emirate of UAE also ensure development here! Let’s check out places to visit when in Dubai next time.

  1. Go Shopping At The Varied Range Of SouksTravelling solo and shopping sounds like a symphony to us! No one stopping you from exploring or bargaining at the markets! Aah sounds good ain’t it? You can go to the Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Perfume Souk, Meena Bazaar and other malls to calm that shopaholic in you.
  2. Explore Global VillageThe family entertainment destination will give you so much to explore that you might get tired but you won’t finish digging the Global Village. From food to fashion it’s the centre of everything you wished for. How do we forget entertainment? It’s a place where you witness the celebration of many cultures through the means of performances, food and shopping. Perfect for women who want to enjoy the essence of the Emirate.
  3. NammosYou will find all the rich and young at this hotspot in Dubai. This beach venue is everyone’s favourite place and we couldn’t agree more. The party destination not only offers good music to enjoy but the food here is delectable and you won’t be able to stop yourself from relishing it. Overall it’s a party package place to visit for sure when in Dubai.
  4.  Dubai Miracle GardenWe, women, are naturally attracted to flowers, no offence to the ones who don’t enjoy them. But the ones who do, should not miss out on visiting the floral heaven on earth, The Dubai Miracle Garden. Get ready to be overwhelmed with kaleidoscopic floral arrangements here that will make you want to stay for some more time
  5.  Burj KhalifaHow do we miss out on the iconic landmark of this city? The Dubai skyline is so impressive and more than that Burj Khalifa stands apart from all the structures. Going on top and enjoying the bird’s eye view gives another level of adrenaline rush to the visitors. So don’t miss out on the opportunity and make sure to add it to your itinerary.

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2. Antalya, Turkey

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The underdog city of Turkey, Antalya is not a high-show destination like Dubai but the graceful place should definitely be on your bucket list. The coastline city of Turkey is eye soothing and aesthetically pleasing. We, women, like that don’t we? Even though Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, Antalya stands to be Turkey’s tourism capital. So let’s dig out some interesting places to visit here.

  1. Dig Up Some RuinsSome women are quite interested in Historic places, (men entering with a lame joke, “because they like to dig up the past!”). But the beauty we find in the ruins of some historical sites can’t be found in the standing structures today and Antalya gives us exactly that. Explore the ruins of Aspendos which was once a Greco-Roman city in Pamphylia.
  2. Explore The CoastlineThe Roman harbour is interesting and offers cruise trips, restaurants & cafes and multiple sports activities to spend a good time in the city. Sounds like a great idea to catch the golden hour with a cuppa laying aside the shore.
  3. Adrenaline Rush IntakeMissing out on some adventurous activities? Well, Koprulu Canyon in Antalya serves as the place for you. Go river rafting with a bunch of people who are equally parched for some adrenaline intake.
  4. Enjoy The Duden Waterfalls
    We, women, like to splash a little water, especially scenic ones like a waterfall. So this site might be our favourite. Situated at a distance from the city, this waterfall is also called Alexandar waterfall and standout to be one of the tourist favourite attractions in Antalya.
  5. Yivli MinaretThe eight-century-old Yivli Minaret mosque serves as the emblem of Antalya, the centre of tourism for southern Turkey. This looping minaret attracts both local and foreign tourists who are interested in architecture because it is the quintessential example of Turkish Anatolian architecture.

3. Madinah

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The holiest place for the Muslim community, this city is ranked safest for solo female travellers for multiple reasons. According to Insuremytrip, Medina receives a perfect score of 10. The categories were “safety walking alone at night” and “absence of worry about attacks based on gender.”

  1. Masjid An NabawiThe most significant location in the City is the Masjid An Nabawi. It is home to the Holy Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) Burial Chamber and is adjacent to the Jannatul Baqi cemetery. You must thus go here in order to show righteous courtesy to the land apart from seeing the architecture.
  2.  Mount UhudThis mountain is a well-known destination for rock climbing and trekking, and it guarantees an exhilarating journey to the top. The Battle of Uhud was fought among these enormous and huge valleys and peaks.
  3. Hejaz Railway MuseumThis museum, which was inaugurated in 2006, has an opulent platform that will transport you to the era of the Ottoman Empire. Explore the complicated Hejaz railway system. You can discover how the platform-based office managed the vast transportation network. Old train engines and other derelict railways can be observed by tourists.
  4. Wadi E JinnThese caves have a history of being spooky. So if you want to experience something different than the religious sites in Medina then this place might be it. Apart from the stories of Jin asking the visitors to return back, this Wadi e Jin, a hilly rocky road around 30 kilometres from Medina offers tranquil surroundings. Wadi E Jin is a long, rocky stretch of road where there are no drivers or accelerators for the vehicles.
  5.  Al-Baqi’

    On the outskirts of Riyadh, there is a 9-square-kilometre park, Al Baqi. One of the most well-liked sights is the giant çamyab trees, which date back more than 200 years. Al Baqi boasts a tonne of shopping centres, lush parks, and entertainment areas. Gives you a break from all the cultural sights you have enjoyed.

So all the solo female travellers, you can book your ticket to these 3 scenic Middle Eastern cities without a frown on your forehead.

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