From Eggnog To Bombardino, 6 Christmas Traditional Drinks From Around The World

Come on, let's get you a drink from around the world!

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Eggnog To Bombardino, 6 Christmas Traditional Drinks From Around The World

Celebrate the culture and finely crafted Christmas holiday drinks from around the world this year. Toast to happiness and joy and get to try new and yummy-licious drinks from around the world. Get immersed in the traditional manner of celebrating Christmas with drinks. Just sit back, sip and enjoy!

6 Christmas Traditional Drinks From Around The World

1. Britain’s Eggnog

If you are a Potterhead then you know what the hype is all about. This is a great Christmas holiday classic with basic ingredients like eggs, sugar, milk, heavy cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, rum, brandy, or bourbon. The origin of Eggnog comes from Britain’s roots of tweaking ale with spices, eggs, milk, and sherry. With time everything gets refined to be a better version and Eggnog went through some changes. It is also easily made for kids if you just skip the alcohol. Why should the adults have all the fun?

2. Italy’s Bombardino

You say ‘mamma mia’ with an accent, we say all hail Bombardino! This traditional Christmas drink originated from the winter wonderland of the Dolomites. Bombardino gives a warm and fuzzy feeling inside because it is served hot and you are transported to your home, instantly. It is a simple yet delicious concoction of Advocaa (Dutch eggnog-like liqueur) and brandy, cinnamon and whipped cream. Advocaa is the one that gives this drink such a great velvety texture and cinnamon gives it a rich flavour.

3. Ecuador’s Colada Morada

This traditional Christmas drink has roots deep in tradition and culture. This is an integral part of the traditions on Dia de los Difuntos or Day of the Dead. The velvety concoction is made of purple corn flour, fruits, spices, citrus flavor, aguardiente, or rum. It is a non-alcoholic one but is great to sip on with alcohol as well. Keeping in mind the tradition, it is served in traditional cups that allow the aromatic steam to infuse with the surroundings and make your home smell divine. 

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4. Germany’s Eierpunsch

Eierpunsch is a staple at almost all of the Christmas markets in Germany. It is magic in itself to take a sip of this traditional Christmas drink while the streets are flocking with Christmas lights and decorations. It is a smooth drink of egg yolks, white sugar, brandy or rum, cloves, cinnamon sticks, lemon zest, vanilla extract, and hot milk. The lemon, cinnamon, and vallina create a blast of flavour in your mouth! A chef’s kiss!

5. Iceland’s Jólabland

Probably one of the easiest traditional drinks of Christmas. Jólabland tends to initiate the festive feelings of the mighty winter wonderland of Christmas in Iceland. It is a fuzzy drink that is a combination of orange spritzer and brown ale and it sparks the cold yet lively spirit of winter. This citrusy orange-y delicious liquid is poured into tall glasses and enjoyed with a group of friends and family. 

6. Japan’s Chanmery

This is a sophisticated traditional Christmas drink which is a unique mixture of Champagne and Mikan orange liqueur. It is said that the champagne is perfectly paired with the bright notes of orange which makes a lovely combination. Chanmery has now become a drink that is usually served to celebrate in the spirit of Christmas here. This beautiful drink is very much similar to the Pantone colour of the year 2024, Peach Fuzz. maybe you can even serve this to your guests and be in the theme of 2024 already. How cool is that? 

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Do you know about any of the Christmas traditional drinks from around the world?


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