From Heatwave Alert To Heavy Rainfall; IMD Predicts Weather Updates In Different Parts Of India

The latest IMD forecast predicted a rise in temperatures in several Indian states.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Heatwave Alert To Heavy Rainfall; IMD Predicts Weather Updates In Different Parts Of India

It is just April and we are already tired of the scorching heat. The temperature is getting unbearable with every passing day and unfortunately, it is only the beginning. According to the weather forecast, there will be heatwaves and a rise in the mercury level in some Indian states in the next few days. Brace yourselves and get ready to experience some of the most horrible days of the year.

What Did The India Meteorological Department (IMD) State About The Weather?

IMD Weather
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The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has recently issued a heatwave alert. The warning has been made for not one or two but several states in India. The weather forecast looks quite scary and worrisome as the heatwave alert is for the next few days for Andhra Pradesh, Goa (North), Maharashtra, Telangana, and West Bengal. According to a report by Zee News, hot and humid weather conditions are likely in Kerala and Tamil Nadu among other states.

According to the information shared, IMD predicted an increase in temperature in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and several places in Central India. The temperature will probably spike by 2 to 4 degrees in these places. For Maharashtra, IMD issued a heatwave alert for Mumbai, Thane, and Raigad. The minimum temperature is likely to be around 36°C in Mumbai and Thane, according to a report by Hindustan Times. Not just in these states, it is likely for the temperature to jump higher by 2 to 3 degrees in many parts of India.

Till April 19, heatwave conditions are also expected in coastal Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, North Konkan, Telangana, and Gangetic West Bengal. Starting from April 17 to 19, temperatures are about to rise in West Bengal along with a warning for heatwave. According to the latest weather forecast by IMD, the weather is all set to get warmer in the next 4 days in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rayalaseema, Mahe, and Karaikal. Also, in Kerala, places such as Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Kasargod, Kottayam, and Pathanamthitta are probable to see a noticeable soar in temperature.

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Rainfall Is Likely In Some Places

IMD Weather
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According to the weather forecast, people in Delhi-NCR and some Northeastern places are about to enjoy some respite from this unbearable soaring heat. Heavy rainfall is likely in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Meghalaya in the next 3 days. There is a probability of light rainfall in Delhi and nearby places on April 19 and 20. Also, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh are likely to witness isolated hailstorms on April 18. In addition to these places, similar weather forecasts of hailstorms are forecasted for Uttarakhand on April 18 and 19.

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Stay hydrated and take good care of your health in this horrible weather!

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