From Hottest To Wettest, 5 Environmental Records Set In July So Far

by Mallika Khurana
From Hottest To Wettest, 5 Environmental Records Set In July So Far

In July 2023, the world witnessed a cascade of extreme climate events. While we have been dealing with rainfall and landslides in India, Greece has been struggling with wildfires. This turn of events led the UN World Meteorological Organization and the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service to issue July the hottest month the Earth has experienced in 1,20,000 years. These alarming occurrences set new environmental records in July 2023 and here are some you should know about:

Environmental Records Set In July

1. Hottest Month

Three continents on Earth are facing scorching temperatures, and the oceans have reached unprecedented levels of heat. Consequently, scientists from the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service and the World Meteorological Organization reported that July was already on track to become the planet’s hottest month ever recorded by a significant margin. It is believed that the escalating heat is the result of the continuous burning of fossil fuels and extreme weather patterns.

2. Wettest Month

Mumbai, India, experienced an unprecedented wet spell, with continuous and intense showers. This incessant rainfall resulted in a record-breaking 1557.8 mm of rainfall for the month of July. The India Meteorological Department also issued a red alert, warning of heavy to extremely heavy rainfall in the city and suburban areas until July 27.

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3. Global Boiling

UN Secretary-General António Guterres declared that the world had entered the “era of global boiling” as global warming has sadly risen to an unprecedented level. He made this declaration as the World Meteorological Organization and the EU’s Copernicus Earth observation program confirmed that July would most likely break temperature records worldwide. The burning of fossil fuels contributed to this alarming trend, exacerbating violent weather events.

4. Greece Wildfires

Greece is currently witnessing devastating wildfires on the island of Rhodes, fueled by fierce winds and record-breaking temperatures. The fires spread rapidly from the island’s hilly interior to densely populated coastal areas. It led to the evacuation of thousands of residents and tourists. The ongoing blaze poses a significant challenge for Greek authorities in safeguarding lives and property.

5. Heatwave Records

Across the US and Europe, a deadly and unyielding heatwave has gripped millions of people. Heat alerts covered approximately 45% of the US population, with over 150 million people across 30 states experiencing extreme heat conditions. Long-lasting heatwaves repeatedly broke temperature records, creating dire situations for vulnerable populations and straining essential services.

With global warming pushing boundaries, the world faces mounting challenges in safeguarding lives, ecosystems, and the future of our planet.

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