Bira 91 Brings Its First Taproom To Delhi-NCR At Gurugram’s DLF CyberHub

by Tejashee Kashyap
Bira 91 Brings Its First Taproom To Delhi-NCR At Gurugram’s DLF CyberHub

With a focus on quality, flavour diversity, and brewing creativity, craft breweries have sprouted up in every corner of the globe. And now Bira 91 announces the opening of its first Taproom at the upscale DLF CyberHub in Gurugram.  This will be the third launch for the brand. However, it is the first one in the Delhi-NCR region, following the opening of two award-winning Taprooms in Bengaluru.

Bira 91’s First Taproom In Delhi-NCR


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Beer tap rooms embody the heart and soul of a brewery. These establishments are where beer magic happens. On July 28, 2023, this Bira 91 taproom will be open to the public and provide an excellent range of 16 beers on tap that has been expertly designed to please every palate.

A delicious selection of meals that perfectly suit the flavours of the beer will be available on the culinary menu, which is curated by famous Chef Vicky Ratnani. The acclaimed sommelier Magandeep Singh has also uniquely created a comprehensive selection of speciality cocktails for the Taproom. There are both time-honoured classics and avant-garde concoctions to enrich the drinking experience.

The place gives a glimpse into the intricate art and science of brewing. The smell of malted barley, hops, and yeast fills the air which is both captivating and invigorating.

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Inside The Bira 91 Taproom


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The 3700 square foot new Taproom for Bira 91 at DLF CyberHub can hold more than 120 people. Taprooms also exude a distinct cultural vibe. Each one reflects the brewery’s personality, whether it’s rustic and homey, sleek and modern, or quirky and artistic.

The interiors draw inspiration from the making of beers, and each of the six steps. There’s harvesting, milling, brewing, fermenting, and sipping that have a distinct mural. The ceiling, murals, and lighting feature the brand’s signature colours and patterns.

Each component has been meticulously designed to offer a unique fusion of flavour, setting, and thrill. The Taproom will be a location for live events like concerts, sporting events, pub quizzes, and interesting workshops and tastings on beer. The first offline Bira 91 Merch Store will be located in this taproom at CyberHub and feature some of the brand’s most popular merchandise.

Where: 2G, Building 10-A, Ground Floor, CyberHub
When: 11 am – 2 am

Cover image credits: Press release/Bira 91