With Every Sip Of Its Craft Beer, This Bengaluru Microbrewery Invites You To Celebrate The Garden City!

by Mallika Khurana
With Every Sip Of Its Craft Beer, This Bengaluru Microbrewery Invites You To Celebrate The Garden City!

Bengaluru is a spirited city with an intoxicating vibrance nobody can have enough of. Amongst other names, this city is titled the Garden City of India, owing to the lush greenery spread across the city. Especially during British rule, a lot of trees were planted, adding to the city’s charm. As an ode to the same city, Garden City Beer Collective(GCBC) has come forward with an establishment that honours old Bengaluru with exquisite cocktails, cuisines, and most of all, ambience. Taking us back to the image of this bustling city before it became a metropolitan area, GCBC is an estate with nature surrounding its 3 acres of land.

Garden City Beer Collective: An Ode To Bengaluru

Founded by Akshar Halgali, Akshata Bindumadhav, and Karthik Chandrasekaran, GCBC is a venture in a city that has no shortage of microbreweries or craft beers. But is there something that sets them apart from others? The experience it offers and the intention behind it take this place so far beyond anybody’s expectations. Established as a garden for the Garden City, the microbrewery had 5 zones, each named after Karnataka’s natural elements like trees, botanicals, or water bodies. Structured seamlessly, this place will take you out of the Silicon Valley representation of the city.

Take A Look At The 5 Zones:

The Hoppery is the brewery garden that invites you and your fur babies to run free and embrace nature.

The Flame Tree is where flavours are played with. Originally a live kitchen pavilion, this can easily be turned into a stage for performances.

The Badminton Ball Tree is essentially the sports bar of this arena, filled with fun and beer pong.

The Silk Cotton Tree is a never-seen-before set-up for live Sushi, Dim Sum and other Asian delicacies. With a dreamy design, this garden complements the Sushi kitchen with subtle lighting.

The Hydrilla is the spot by the pool that can be pre-booked for private parties.

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GCBC Aced It With Food And Cocktails

Garden City Beer Collective has definitely made a mark when it comes to delivering a memorable experience. However, it is hardly complete without a dose of scrumptious dishes. With their special Miso-Caesar, Beer-a-misu, Shetty’s Anjal fry, and Adanakai Yennegai & Jolada Roti, they definitely have that covered as well. The team at GCBC hasn’t held back from innovation, and that shows in all that they offer. They also run a beverage programme where mixologist Karthik Kumar brings forward cocktails that you wouldn’t be able to say no to. From their Mysuru Pak Tini to their Rasa G&T, you must try them all.

Looks like Bengaluru folks have their weekend plans sorted!

Where: Gantiganahalli, Bengaluru

When: 12 pm to 12:30 am

Cost: ₹2000 for two approx

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release