From MBA Chaiwala To B.Tech Pani Puri Wali, The Streets Of India Have These Degree Wali Eateries

by Mallika Khurana
From MBA Chaiwala To B.Tech Pani Puri Wali, The Streets Of India Have These Degree Wali Eateries
In the majority of cities and towns, individuals or families own and run roadside kiosks. The advantages of their trade help the local economy as a whole. In India, there aren’t any rigid requirements, standards, or norms for becoming a street seller. Usually, people begin with a little budget, a limited area, the appropriate tools, and an assistant if the workload is particularly heavy. However, the face of street food in India is changing a bit with educated youngsters opting to own a street food stall. In recent years, quite a few eateries with degrees gained popularity on the internet and we have listed some of them for you below!

Here Are A Few Eateries With Degrees

1. B. Tech Pani Puri Wali

B. tech Pani puri wali
Photo Credits: Canva

Many people harbour entrepreneurial aspirations, and some of these dreams may surface at a young age. Tapsi Upadhyay, also known as BTech Pani Puri Wali, is one of these young businesspeople.

She is 21 years old. After earning her BTech degree, Upadhyay launched her own company. She creates air-fried puris for her pani puri stall because she wants to give nutritious meals. Her website states that she wants to expand her selection of street food and make it healthy.

2. MBA Chaiwala

Street food vendors with degrees
Photo Credits: Canva

If we are talking about street food vendors with degrees, how can we miss MBA Chaiwala? Prafull Billore, who hails from the Madhya Pradesh town of Dhar, founded it after losing interest in the MBA programme at Ahmedabad University in 2017.

Thus, inspired by the business leaders’ statements and motivational books he had been reading, he made the decision to turn his passion for chai into a business. He is currently managing a business with a huge turnover at a young age.

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3. B.Tech Golgappe Wala

B.Tech Golgappe Wala
Photo Credits: Canva

To compete with MBA Chaiwala, B.Tech Golgappa Wala is here. An entrepreneur named Rakesh founded the pani puri kiosk after completing his B.Tech in the Bihar area of Madhubani. Rakesh had to regrettably drop out of the B.Tech programme during the Covid-19 outbreak because of personal and financial difficulties. At that point, he made the decision to start his own company and become financially independent.

In Manesar, Haryana, close to the Mane Bus Stop, is where you can find Rakesh’s B.Tech Golgappa Wala cart.  Rakesh even relocated to Haryana from Madhya Pradesh with the goal of expanding his startup.

4. MA English Chaiwali

Street food vendors with degrees
Photo Credits: Canva

One of the main challenges in many Indian states is educated unemployment. Tuktuki Das of Kolkata’s Habra was taking the biggest hit as a result. Tuktuki, a rightful placeholder in our list of street food vendors with degrees, took multiple exams to find a job after earning a master’s degree in English. But despite her best efforts, she was unable to find one. Tuktuki, though, didn’t abandon hope.

She made the decision to start her own company and become independent. She built her own tea shop at Habra Station and called it “MA English Chaiwali” after the well-known MBA Chaiwala. Many people visit the tea establishment just because of its name.

Have you tried any of these yet?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/B. Tech Pani Puri Wali