From Military Tank To Statue Of Liberty, This Punjab Village Has Some Artistic Water Tanks

by Mallika Khurana
From Military Tank To Statue Of Liberty, This Punjab Village Has Some Artistic Water Tanks

Now that we are reading about it and spreading awareness of the problem, we all recognise how essential water is to our contemporary lives. Nonetheless, there are still some portions of our country that experience drought-like circumstances, especially in the rural interior. You will be rather impressed by their creative water-saving methods if you visit Punjab’s rural areas, though. If you see one Uppal water tank, you’ll be amazed. They have the same water tanks above their bungalows that the rest of us do have but not so same after all. They have constructed all sorts of unique water tanks like aeroplanes, bullock carts, footballs, cruise ships, cylindrical black water tanks, and many more resembling all kinds of animals, birds or objects. You name it and someone in Uppal will have it.

Uppal Showcases Masterpieces As Water Tanks

Uppal water tank
Photo Credits: Twitter/Tuushar R Mehta

These storage tanks for water in Punjab represent the locals there in almost every way. It is quite amazing how a former soldier may put a military tank in their house. The navy is represented by someone who has a water tank in the form of a ship. People also have water tanks that have animal and bird designs in addition to all of the above. It’s impossible to avoid being drawn to and compelled to take several glances at all of these stunning, vibrant, and ornate constructions.

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Nearby Villages Were Quick To Take Inspiration

The NRIs now posted in their settlement, who wished to flaunt their wealth to everyone came up with the idea of such water tanks. Each of the retired military officers and enthusiasts performed a display using their water tanks. These tanks have now all been employed to represent people’s status as well as their preferences and backgrounds! Aeroplane water tanks are guaranteed to make your future better and open up new prospects abroad because some people even consider it good fortune.

Impressive, right? The nearby villages and other northern towns have, however, also adopted such specialised water tanks. To fully understand these extraordinarily strange water tanks, you must visit Punjab. Certainly, in addition to being a social status symbol, they act as an obstacle to state unity.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/@nitin_sports