From Mutton Thanni Kuzhambu To Tender Coconut Pudding, Try 7 Traditional South Indian Dishes This Easter

Celebrate this Easter with such appetising traditional South Indian Dishes.

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Mutton Thanni Kuzhambu To Tender Coconut Pudding, Try 7 Traditional South Indian Dishes This Easter

Easter is one of the most celebrated festivals among the Catholic community. It is celebrated in remembrance of how Jesus Christ came back to life after a period of being crucified. During Easter celebrations in India, the festivities include having a lavish meal with your family members. South Indian Easter is rich in flavours and aroma. Coconut is the ruling flavour, obviously but we are not complaining. Most of the dishes are meat related but we would like to focus on some of the traditional South Indian dishes for Easter. 

7 Traditional South Indian Dishes To Eat This Easter

1.Tamil Nadu’s Mutton Thanni Kuzhambu

Mutton Thanni Kuzhambu is indeed a very popular traditional South Indian dish for Easter. Basically, it is a mutton curry which is prepared in a soupy consistency. The word ‘thanni’ means water, hence the watery consistency. It is a super flavourful curry which is then tempered with dried red chillies and curry leaves. You may pair it with the softest idlis or a crispy dosa.

2. Kerala’s Tender Coconut Pudding

A favourite among all sweet tooth lovers, this traditional Easter dish is hard to resist. The word ‘tender’ contributes to the usage of some of the tender coconut flesh. A simple preparation with milk, coconut water and its flesh, agar agar, sugar and condensed milk is to blend nicely. Then, let it set to freeze for a couple of hours. Enjoy a chilled bowl of Tender Coconut Pudding served with freshly chopped cherries.

3. Maharashtra’s Bhokache Varias

Easter in Maharashtra is incomplete without Bhokache Varias, a traditional South Indian dish for Easter. The word ‘Bhoka’ translates to hole in the middle. It is very similar to medu vada and is prepared with urad dal flour, rice flour and maida. The batter is then fried to crispy doughnut-shaped breads. This is a popular snack option during the evening horse, especially with tea and coffee. 

4. Goa’s Marzipan Easter Eggs

Some people hunt for Easter eggs during this festival and some people enjoy gorging on the beautiful delicacy of Marzipan Easter Eggs. It is shaped like an egg which represents the empty coffin of Jesus after he has risen. A fine mixture of egg whites, sugar, rose water and almonds which is shaped into egg-shaped balls. Then decorated with icing; it is so beautifully made that you will think twice before taking a bite!

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5. Anglo-Indian’s Ball Curry and Coconut Yellow Rice

This dish is a must for all the Anglo-Indian population of our country during Easter. A delectable dish made with minced meat koftas drowned in rich spices like ginger, cloves, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, jeera powder, and more. Because the ball curry is made with such spicey flavours, the rice is made as simple as it gets. Coconut Yellow Rice is the combination as the name suggests. It is a great meal option for Easter.

6. Karnataka’s Sorpotel and Sanna

The East Indians of India are fond of eating Sorpotel and Sanna. It is pretty popular in Mangalore. Sorpotel is a dish made up of meat and offal. These are diced, boiled and then sauteed before cooking a delish curry which has a strong flavour of vinegar. Sanna is a soft and sweet bread made up of rice and coconut. They go together so well that Mangalore serves this dish in pairs.

7. Goa’s Apa De Camarao

If you are a mad lover of prawns then you are in for a delight with this traditional South Indian dish for Easter! Apa De Camarao is a prawn pie. It is a Portuguese pie which is prepared with prawn balchao. The prawn balchao has a tantalising taste of sweet, spicy and tangy taste blended into a perfect dish. This is then layered with overnight-soaked rice and you get a pie!

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Let us know if you have ever eaten any one of the above traditional South Indian dishes for Easter.

Happy Easter!

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