What You Need To Do After Arriving At Delhi Airport

by Suchismita Pal
What You Need To Do After Arriving At Delhi Airport

The Delhi government has revised the procedure of quarantining people coming to Delhi from abroad by flights. As per the earlier plan, the passengers could either home-quarantine themselves or stay in the free government quarantine facility. But now the government has amended the rules. The new order refers to only ‘paid institutional quarantine centres’ for isolating the passengers for 14 days. Read on.

What Is It?

The government has issued a fresh strategy on managing the passengers landing at Delhi airport amid coronavirus crisis. According to reports, a Delhi government said, “The passengers will be quarantined at a paid institutional quarantine centre. Also, as per the new order, passengers from other states will also be quarantined for 14 days by the Delhi government.” The previous order had stated that travellers who are not Delhi residents can be handled by the nodal officers and Resident Commissioners of the respective states, which also included lodging facilities in Delhi.

Delhi Airport
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How Will The New Process Take Place?

Here’s how the airport authorities will handle the incoming passengers now:

  • For initial temperature check, airline staff will accompany the passengers deboarding a flight to health counters of the Airport Health Organisation (APHO).
  • The authorities will identify symptomatic passengers and send them to designated hospitals.
  • The rest of the passengers will then proceed to the immigration counters with passports and a copy of the SRF (Self-Reporting Form).
  • After clearance of immigration, the immigration officials will retain the passports of the passengers.
  • Then, escort teams, each headed by a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) officer, will take charge of the passengers in groups of 30. The team heads will receive the passports and not the passengers.
  • The passengers will then proceed to collect the luggage.
  • After all the procedures are over, the passengers will have to move to the assigned triage area. The medical officer-in-charge at the counter will receive the passports of the entire group.
  • After checks, passports will be handed over to the escort team, who will guide the passengers to the assigned quarantine facility in government buses.
Delhi Airport
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So, if any of your family members are returning to Delhi during this lockdown period and had planned a home-quarantine earlier, you will have to wait for 14 more days to meet them.