From Selling Biryani On A Handcart To Landing Up A ₹8.5L PA Job, Here’s A Slum Boy’s Inspiring Story

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
From Selling Biryani On A Handcart To Landing Up A ₹8.5L PA Job, Here’s A Slum Boy’s Inspiring Story

ShakirHow many of you have watched Slumdog Millionaire? I guess everyone must have! Well, we found a real life one! A slum boy who used to sell biryani on a handcart has landed a job that will pay him ₹8.5Lakhs per annum. No, we made no mistake when we wrote the last line. This is a real-life, inspiring story from Jamia, Okhla, in New Delhi, of a slum boy named Shakir. 

Check Out This Inspiring Story Of A Slum Boy

A boy named Shakir, who was born in a slum and used to help his parents sell biryani on a handcart, has now received a job offer from one of the leading banks in India. The bank offered him ₹8 Lakh 50 Thousand per annum. 

The guy has literally offered a milestone. How? Well, let us tell you! Shakir used to help his parents with their small biryani business in Jamia Nagar. He did not give up on his studies or on his big dreams. He did not let the circumstances snatch away his dreams. 

Shakir  completed his studies and went on to get an MBA. He completed his MBA from Amity and received a job that offered him a handsome salary package worth ₹8 lakh and 50 thousand per annum.

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Not Born With A Silver Spoon

All this was not at all easy for Shakir, as it sounds. As his parents ran a very small business selling biryani, paying for Shakir’s fees was not easy for them. That is when the Aseem Asha Foundation walked in to support his dreams. 

The Director of AAF, Aseem Usman, spoke to Okhla Times, mentioning that Shakir was a very shy boy when he spoke to him first. But what caught his attention was that he dreamed of achieving greater things in life with a quality education. 

The NGO funded this slum boy’s education all along and also crowdfunded his MBA fees. This is how he studied and made the best use of all the resources he had! Some people are not born with a silver spoon, but with their hard work and dedication, they go places.  

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Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels