From Selling Veggies To Ordering Tea, 5 Times Foreigners Did Indian Things That Got Attention

Recently, a video of a Russian woman selling vegetables in a local shop went viral on social media.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Selling Veggies To Ordering Tea, 5 Times Foreigners Did Indian Things That Got Attention

Wanderlusters from all around the world love to travel to India and we often see foreigners exploring the bustling touristy cities. Be it Rajasthan or Goa, India’s scenic destinations attract visitors from the country and abroad as well. Videos of their travel experiences and culinary journeys often go viral online and it seems like Indian audiences like to watch foreigners sharing their experiences while travelling in India.

Russian Woman Sells Aloo And Kanda In A Local Market

Taking to Instagram, Mariia Chugurova (@mariechug) shared a fun video of learning to sell vegetables in a local vegetable shop.


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A post shared by Mariia Chugurova (@mariechug)

In this viral video, Marie approached a vegetable vendor to teach her to sell veggies. From saying the iconic dialogue of Nana Patekar’s “Aloo Lelo Kanda Lelo” to actually making some sales, looked like Marie surely had a fun time doing this.

Be it her Russian accent or her sweet way of interacting with everyone, her video of selling potatoes and onions in a local shop has grabbed the attention. Netizens enjoyed the hilarious video, especially how gleefully she talked with the customers, spoke Hindi dialogues, and learned vegetable selling skills from the vendor.

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More Funny Videos Of Foreigners Doing Indian Things In India:

Living the Jo Life (@living_the_jo_life) shared her take on Indians and their famous head nods.

Indians are known all around the world for many reasons and one of the most common ones is the head nods. This vlogger noticed 4 types of head nods during her time in India and she shared her take on these different nodding types. Want to know the differences that she found in all these kinds of head nods? If yes, check out the video.

Yonghee (@hwi_ye_e) shared a video of ordering chai in Delhi and Netizens are quite amused.


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A post shared by Yonghee (@hwi_ye_e)

The vlogger spoke Hindi quite fluently and ordered one cup of Kulhad Chai. From describing its taste to chatting with the tea shop owner, he impressed everyone with his Hindi speaking skills.

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Taking to YouTube, Agnes Mann shared a video of her enjoying Navratri.

The YouTuber danced Garba for the first time and spent an amazing time in India enjoying the auspicious festival of Navratri.

Drew Hicks (@indiadrew77) reacted to expensive samosas in the funniest way!


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A post shared by Drew Hicks (@indiadrew77)

Imagine you visit a restaurant and see the menu mentioning two samosas costing around ₹500. How will you react to this exorbitant price? Seeing the major hike in samosa price, Drew shared the most epic reaction and you might just ROFL.

Do you also enjoy these videos of foreigners sharing their experiences of exploring different places in India?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Mariia Chugurova (@mariechug), Instagram/ Living the Jo Life (@living_the_jo_life)

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