From Sindoora To Kesar, German Ambassador Has Mango Tasting Sesh In Delhi & It’s Aamtastic! 

German Ambassador to India
by Sanjana Shenoy

In India, the summer season is synonymous with the mango season. You can’t visit India in the summer and not stuff your face with sweet, juicy mangoes. Looks like the German Ambassador to India, Dr Philipp Ackermann took this quite seriously. “When in India, be like the Indians”, is pretty much what he stood by, as he had a delicious mango-tasting session in Delhi which. Isn’t it “aamtastic”?

German Ambassador To India Feasts On Mangoes In Delhi

The German Ambassador to India, Dr Philipp Ackermann recently gave Twitteratis a glimpse of his mango-tasting session at his residence in Delhi. In his tweet, Dr Philipp Ackermann cheekily says “Yeh Aam Hai Bahut Khaas” ( This Mango Is Very Special). He goes on to add that ever since he set foot in India he has been fascinated by the crazy varieties of mangoes and their look and feel.

Dr Philipp Ackermann reveals he had his first tasting session with his colleagues from his residence. Which mango varieties did he try? He samples Sindoora, Malgoa and Kesar. The mango fan is right about one thing — he has a long way to go. With India being blessed with a large variety of mangoes, it’s heaven for mango lovers.

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In the video, the German Ambassador to India is introduced to the Malgoa, Sindoora and Kesar varieties of mangoes by the staff. They are kept in front of him. First, Dr Philipp Ackermann tastes the Kesar mango, which he feels is fresh, and sweet but has a slight lemony taste. Next, the envoy bites into South India’s Malgoa mango which he finds smoother and much softer compared to Gujarat’s Kesar mango.

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Netizens Recommend Mango Varieties

After his great tasting session, the envoy states in the video that he can’t wait to try other varieties. In no time Twitteratis flooded the comments section. Many asked him to try the ‘King of Mangoes’, Alphonso variety from Maharashtra. Some of them even urged him to give Langda a try.

Looks like the German Ambassador to India will have quite a handful this mango season.

Cover Image Courtesy: @AmbAckermann/ Twitter