From Skiing In Austria To Sailing In Turkey, Solo Travel With Contiki Is All You Need In 2023

by Sanjana Shenoy
From Skiing In Austria To Sailing In Turkey, Solo Travel With Contiki Is All You Need In 2023

Solo travel is freedom. Solo travel is empowering. Solo travel is the new Social Travel. After all, during solo travel, you get to be part of a transformative experience of interacting with like-minded fellow travellers. In fact, it’s all about embarking on new adventures, making new friends and adding fond moments to your library of cherished memories. If you’re making a debut into the world of solo travel and need a firm hand in navigating through, then let Contiki be your guide. 

Why Solo Travel & Contiki Is A Match Made In Heaven!  contiki

Contiki, the most suitable brand for young solo travellers, gives you the best of both worlds — ultimate freedom as a solo traveller and the chance to make new friends. How? Contiki offers epic solo trips for Gen-Z travellers aged 18 to 35. Choose from over 350 mind-blowing trips across 6 continents, including hotspots like Vietnam, Thailand, Austria, Spain, Egypt, Croatia, Greece, and more. Unleash your wanderlust with Contiki!

Solo travel is not just about exploring destinations alone, but it has evolved into a transformative social experience where like-minded individuals come together, connect, and create lifelong memories. In these guided tours of 24 to 50 like-minded young individuals, you’d enjoy the ultimate freedom of a solo traveller and also get the chance to interact with fellow travellers, guaranteeing you beautiful life-long memories.

Guaranteeing You The Best Solo Travel Experience Ever!


Solo travellers, let’s cut to the chase and tell you why you must plan your next solo trip with Contiki

  • Special stays like no other: If you book through Contiki, you can fulfil your luxe dreams of a weekend in a French chateau which is aesthetically designed to vibe with the youth. Check out exclusive itineraries like the Big Chateau Weekender or European Horizon
  • Unique experiences that add the x-factor: From fun skiing lessons in Austria to spending a day in a private vineyard, you can have it all on your solo trip. 
  • No single room charges- Instead of paying hefty prices for a single room, you can happily nest with a roomie. If you prefer your own space, Contiki can set up a single room for a nominal additional fee. This way, you can enjoy the camaraderie of the group while having the flexibility to have your personal haven when needed.
  • Guided group tours with like-minded individuals- Contiki offers guided tours with a group of 24 to 50 high-energy, like-minded young travellers. These tours are designed for solo travellers who come from various parts of the world and want to explore together.
  • Travel that Matters: Contiki prides itself in its mission “Make Travel Matter”. Most of their trips are curated to support the wildlife, people and the beautiful planet we live in. There are a plethora of experiences on Contiki that focus on making a positive impact on the environment and its communities. 

Contiki is committed to making a positive impact on the communities it visits. That’s why every Contiki trip includes at least one Make Travel Matter experience, aimed at supporting and uplifting the local communities in the region you’re exploring.


 These experiences provide a unique opportunity to engage with local cultures, traditions, and initiatives, allowing you to contribute to sustainable tourism practices and make a difference during your beach vacation. By participating in a Contiki trip, you not only get to enjoy the beautiful beaches but also have the chance to leave a positive and lasting impact on the communities you encounter along the way.

Contiki’s Bucket List Trips To Look Forward To


Now that we’ve got the solo travel pot stirring, check out Contiki’s sought-after Bucket List Trips!

*Flights to and from the destination are NOT included in the package price.

Contiki: Your Most Trusted Travel Companion

Contiki gives solo travel a whole new edge. As your most trusted travel companion, here are some amazing benefits to watch out for.  

  • Safety is guaranteed as Contiki follows global-safety protocols
  • Explore destinations alone with fellow travellers
  • Itinerary replete with well-known sightseeing spots, restaurants and experiences
  • Free Time Add-Ons are additional experiences you can add on for extra charges
  • Expert trip manager and local guides
  • To secure your booking with Contiki, a deposit fee of US$200 is required, which can be deducted from the total trip cost. This ensures your reservation is confirmed and guarantees your spot for an incredible journey with Contiki.
  • Pay over time, interest-free. However, the full amount is to be paid 60 days prior to departure
  • On a mission to offer Net Zero- low carbon emissions in the future

Discover the magic of solo travel with Contiki, where 70 per cent of travellers embark on their journeys alone, only to connect and explore with like-minded young individuals. With Contiki, you can transform your solo adventure into an incredibly social travel experience. 

Ready to embark on your next trip? 

Visit their website or reach out to them via WhatsApp at 9152020011 to start planning your unforgettable journey with Contiki today!