From Using Fake Nol Cards To Eating In Buses, 21 Bus Dubai RTA Violations That Can Incur Fines Of Up To AED 500

Navigating Dubai's public transport: Know the rules to avoid fines.

by Deeplata Garde
From Using Fake Nol Cards To Eating In Buses, 21 Bus Dubai RTA Violations That Can Incur Fines Of Up To AED 500

Dubai’s bustling public transport system is a lifeline for residents and visitors alike. It offers convenience and efficiency as they traverse the city’s streets. However, with great convenience comes great responsibility. Let’s delve into the essential rules of Dubai’s bus and other public transport and how to steer clear of fines.

Riding The Rta Wave By Understanding The Rules

Dubai Bus
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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has been instrumental in revolutionising mobility in the emirate, with Dubai buses playing a pivotal role in connecting every nook and cranny of the city. As ridership continues to soar, it’s imperative for passengers to familiarise themselves with the rules governing public transport to avoid facing penalties.

Here Are The 21 Rules To Follow To Avoid Penalty

  1. Utilising public transport modes, facilities, or services without paying the appropriate fare incurs a penalty of Dh200.
  2. Failure to present a nol Card upon request results in a Dh200 penalty.
  3. The use of a third-party card will lead to a Dh200 penalty.
  4. A dh200 penalty is applicable for using an expired card.
  5. A Dh200 penalty is imposed for using a counterfeit card.
  6. Damaging, sabotaging, or tampering with the systems, tools, or seats of public transport modes will result in a Dh200 penalty.
  7. Spitting, littering, or engaging in any activity that contaminates public transport modes, facilities, and services carries a Dh100 penalty.
  8. Causing inconvenience to other users of public transport modes, facilities, and services attracts a Dh200 penalty.
  9. Smoking inside public transport modes, facilities, and services incurs a Dh200 penalty.
  10. Bringing hazardous materials, including weapons, sharp objects, or flammable items, into public transport modes, facilities, and services warrants a Dh200 penalty.
  11. A dh200 penalty applies to carrying alcohol inside public transport modes, facilities, and services.
  12. Selling goods or promoting commodities inside public transport modes, facilities, and services without permission results in a Dh200 penalty.
  13. Leaving public buses’ doors open during movement between stations or parking areas incurs a Dh100 penalty.
  14. Sitting in designated areas inside the Dubai bus, such as female sections, leads to a Dh100 penalty.
  15. Carrying or using materials or equipment that may annoy or endanger other passengers results in a Dh100 penalty.
  16. Eating and drinking in prohibited areas carries a Dh100 penalty.
  17. Standing or sitting on parts of public transport modes, facilities, and services not meant for passenger use attracts a Dh100 penalty.
  18. Sleeping in passengers’ bus shelters or undesignated areas warrants a Dh300 penalty.
  19. Engaging in behaviour that may distract a public transport driver or obstruct their vision while driving results in a Dh200 penalty.
  20. Selling Nol cards without prior permission from the RTA incurs a Dh500 penalty.
  21. Using an invalid card attracts a Dh500 penalty.

A Comprehensive Guide To RTA Fines

While RTA buses and stations are equipped with cutting-edge technology for commuter convenience, it’s crucial for passengers to adhere to the established rules. Violating these regulations can result in fines of up to Dh500. Here’s a rundown of common violations and how to pay fines swiftly:

On-the-Spot Payment: If fined by an inspector, passengers can settle the penalty immediately.
Online Portal: Utilise the dedicated RTA website portal to pay fines conveniently from the comfort of your home.
Customer Happiness Centres: Visit RTA Customer Happiness Centres scattered across the city to pay fines in person.
Self-Service Machines: For bus passengers, fines can be paid using self-service machines at designated locations.

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Feeling Unjustly Fined? Fight For Compensation

Don’t fret; RTA provides a mechanism to dispute fines. Follow these steps to contest your penalty:

  1. Gather documentation including the fine notification, payment receipt, and relevant identification.
  2. Head to the RTA website within 30 days of receiving the fine to submit your dispute along with the required documents.
  3. Await Response until you receive an SMS with your case number and expected response date. Once a decision is reached, RTA will notify you of the outcome.
  4. If your appeal is successful, the fine amount will be refunded to your account promptly.
  5. By understanding and abiding by Dubai’s public transport rules, passengers can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free journey across the city’s vibrant landscape while avoiding any unwanted fines along the way.Remember, a little knowledge goes a long way in ensuring a delightful commuting experience in the City of Gold!

Cover Image Courtesy: Government Of Dubai Media Office/ Website

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