Fulfil Your Parisian Dream Emily In Paris Style, Take A Curated Holiday Inspired By The Netflix Original

by Shreya Ghosh
Fulfil Your Parisian Dream Emily In Paris Style, Take A Curated Holiday Inspired By The Netflix Original

Emily In Paris is back with a bang and released Season 3 just a few days back. This series has been a hit and successful one since the beginning and the third season is exactly getting heaps of appreciation from all around. The fashion, styling, and outfits of the stellar cast are some of the biggest attractions of the Netflix series. Also, the stunning shooting locations all over Paris have gained a lot of attention. Wanna travel like the show? We have a surprise for you!

Live Your Parisian Dreams Just Like Emily In Paris With This Travel Company

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Say hello to Contiki, a New Zealand-based tour company providing holiday experiences to tourists between the age group of 18-35 years old. They are certainly one of the best in the biz and they are doing this for decades, since 1962. Staying in the market for 60 years, one can only imagine the extravaganza of their travel experiences. And now the company has launched some stunning trips inspired by everyone’s favourite Netflix series Emily In Paris.

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Paris looks immaculate at all times, and the beauty surely multiplies a lot in the festive season with all the glam and glitters surrounding the French capital all around. For adventurous young travellers, the company has some exciting trips. Let’s take a look:

  • Paris for Christmas
  • Paris for New Year
  • Road to Paris London to
  • Paris by Train
  • Food and Wine in a French Chateau

There Is An Amazing Quiz As Well!

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Every trip will cover beautiful destinations in Paris. If you are unsure about where to visit. there is an interesting quiz on the website too. You can play that quiz and get to know your destination based on your preferences. In fact, the quiz also matches up the travellers with the iconic locations of Emily In Paris such as Château, Chicago, Paris, and St Tropez.

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A trip to Paris is always a great idea, especially in the winter holiday season. If these Emily In Paris-inspired trips fascinate you, you can check here for more details.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Emily In Paris, Press release