Ganga Riverfront In Varanasi To Get A Facelift With Elevated Roads & Bridges On Ghats

by Shreya Ghosh
Ganga Riverfront In Varanasi To Get A Facelift With Elevated Roads & Bridges On Ghats

The Uttar Pradesh government recently proposed a plan for the modifications of the Ganga riverfront in Varanasi. As per a report in The Indian Express, this facelift project is a part of a humongous project that will focus on giving makeovers and reconstructing the river bank. This individual project is a huge step towards the betterment of the river banks and ghats and it will surely transform the Ganga riverfront in Varanasi immensely.

Ganga Riverfront In Varanasi Will Soon Get A Facelift

This innovative project of the Ganga riverfront will see the development of 4 lanes on a massive budget. The transformation will have an elevated road of 8 km and 3 bridges and it will occur on the opposite side of the Ganga river banks. Once the project comes to an end, it is going to be a major boost for the tourism industry. In fact, it will help the travellers and devotees to have a great experience in the Kashi Vishwanath temple and the Varanasi Ganga river to witness the most famous evening aarti.

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The Budget of The Facelift Is Huge

It was on 26 May, when the state government allocated the annual budget of Uttar Pradesh. The annual budget is 5.50 lakh crore. The most surprising part was the budget allocated for the facelifting project of the Ganga Riverfront. The construction of these 4 lanes; one 8 km elevated road and 3 finger bridges have a grand budget of 500 crores.

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The primary goal of this transformation is to control the rush of devotees and travellers in the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Another place in Varanasi that attracts the most tourists is the Ganga river bank during the most-celebrated evening aarti.