Gariahat Tram Depot Has Been Revamped Into A Cosy Cafe That’s An Ode To India’s Oldest Existing Tram Network

by Shreya Ghosh

Tram rides are synonymous with Kolkata and the city’s heritage. Running in the City of Joy for over a century, trams have always been very close to every Calcuttan. And to cherish the memories and take the legacy forward, the Gariahat tram depot has been redeveloped into a new one-of-a-kind cafe. It is something out of the ordinary, exciting to explore, and definitely a must-try! Let’s take a look at what this cafe has in store for us!

Gariahat Tram Depot Has Been Revamped Into Tram World Cafe!


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Say hello to Tram World Cafe, the newest tram cafe in the city. It is the perfect example of a place where modern blends with vintage. This cafe is surely a great representation of the city for being the only Indian city to have a running Tram network even now. This cafe is not just about aesthetics, glam, and grandeur, unlike most cafes, blooming up in different corners of the city, Tram World Cafe is the place to simply absorb the vintage vibes in today’s fast-paced world. The place has been decorated impressively with Pinteresty seating arrangements and designed with bamboo. This cafe in Gariahat is a beautiful ode to the city’s tram system running for decades and over a century.

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Tram World Cafe is more than just a revamped tram depot. It houses three sections for different experiences.

  • Cafeteria Section: The place where you will find all the food stalls lined up aesthetically decked up with bamboo.
  • Museum Section: This section is inside the tram.
  • Open Air Dining Area: The prettiest seating arrangement where you can relish delish food items.

This Cosy Cafe Is The Ultimate Place To Chill & Hangout 


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If you are near Gariahat and are in search of a place to chill and enjoy good food, this place is your ultimate destination. Tran World Cafe is perfect for every Bengali’s favourite pastime, adda. The best part is that you can even tag along with your pawsome friends as this cafe is pet-friendly too. 

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For the food menu, different stalls serve coffee, dimsums, desserts, momos, and a lot more.

Folks now you know where to visit for a fun-filled evening!

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