Get, Set, Climb! Ladakh’s Ice Climbing Fest Is Back This February With Its 4th Edition

by Mallika Khurana
Get, Set, Climb! Ladakh’s Ice Climbing Fest Is Back This February With Its 4th Edition

It’s not as if you require an excuse to visit Ladakh, but if you do, make the 4th Ladakh Ice Climbing Fest your excuse.

From February 1-5, Gangles village in Leh will host the Ice Climbing Festival. The Ladakh Mountain Guide Association is constructing an ice wall at Gangles village in preparation for this exciting festival. Many thrill-seekers have previously expressed a great deal of interest. The organisers anticipate a sizable crowd once again this year, not just from Leh-Ladakh but also from around the globe.

Gear Up For Ladakh Ice Climbing Fest

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It’s time to prepare your equipment, such as ice axes and crampons, as you will require them. It’s beginning to sound like every adventure junkie’s dream: cold winds combined with walls of ice.

The Ladakh Ice Climbing Festival aims to unite a multicultural community around the thrilling activity of ice climbing in the Himalayas. LMGA begins working at 5:00 Am despite the bitterly cold winds. They direct the stream’s flow. And the waterfall’s cascading ice sheet covers the steep slope. An ice axe, crampons, and young climbing talent transform the remote Gangles Valley into a climbing paradise. 

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What To Expect From The Fest?

ladakh ice climbing fest
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Ice climbing and numerous other competitions will be held at the festival, and organisers will supply the necessary equipment for each one. Who cares if you’re just starting out? If you enjoy climbing mountains, start making plans for the Ladakh Ice Climbing Fest.

The best part is that ice climbing is completely free and accessible to everyone. It is anticipated that the occasion will contribute to Ladakh’s recognition as one of India’s top winter tourist and adventure sports destinations. The festival also aims to raise awareness and educate people about the value of protecting our ecosystem.

Make travel arrangements to this snow-covered location if you enjoy winter and a lot of adrenaline rush.

Ladakh experiences harsh winters, but the area is also a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. According to LMGA, ice climbing is a sport that is gradually growing in popularity around the globe and will eventually make an appearance in the Olympics. In order to encourage parents to let their children participate in this sport, they want to raise awareness of it. 

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