Get Your Daily Dose Of Caffeine & Aesthetic Pictures At Koncrete Space, Dubai

Unveiling Koncrete Space, Dubai, Where Caffeine Meets Creativity

Coffee House
by Deeplata Garde

In the bustling heart of Jumeirah – Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai, a unique coffee haven awaits Koncrete Space. Far beyond the realms of conventional coffee houses, this establishment is a fusion of a concept store, a collective hub, and an aesthetic sanctuary. Each visit is an invitation to an atmosphere where every sip of coffee intertwines with the tapestry of creativity.

The Industrial Chic Interior At This Coffee Haven


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Step into Koncrete Space, and you step into an industrial chic dreamscape. The interior is a symphony of raw aesthetics. Imagine exposed brick walls and concrete floors laying the foundation for a rugged yet inviting atmosphere. Warm lighting and natural textures soften the edges, creating an ambience that stimulates the senses. The shelves and tables, adorned with the craftsmanship of local artisans and designers, invite exploration by visitors to connect with the unique products on display. And how do we forget the artisanal chocolates and freshly brewed coffee waiting for us to relish?

More Than a Store: A Hub for Creativity


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Koncrete Space is not merely a place to purchase goods; it is a dynamic hub pulsating with creativity. Throughout the week, the space transforms into a vibrant canvas for events and workshops. It draws in creatives and entrepreneurs alike to sip on coffee along with displaying their skills. Communal tables and collaborative workspaces facilitate the exchange of ideas. This leads to fostering a sense of community at Koncrete Space. Hence, Koncrete Space becomes a melting pot where creativity knows no bounds.

Caffeine Connoisseur’s Delight


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For those in pursuit of the perfect brew, Koncrete Space stands as an oasis of coffee delight. The coffee house presents a diverse array of options, catering to the nuanced tastes of coffee aficionados. From the robust kick of espresso to the velvety smoothness of a latte, Koncrete Space’s offerings are crafted to elevate the coffee experience.

Aesthetic Pictures Await

Beyond being a sanctuary for coffee enthusiasts, Koncrete Space unfolds as a visual delight for photography enthusiasts. The industrial design, coupled with warm lighting and an eclectic selection of products, creates a haven for visual aesthetics. Every nook and corner offers a potential frame, and each moment becomes an opportunity to capture the essence of Concrete Space.

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Fresh Brew, Scrumptious Bite, Insta-Worthy Interiors & More!


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If Dubai is your playground, a visit to Koncrete Space is more than a suggestion. Make sure you add this location to your calendar this month as it’s a must. Immerse yourself in the rich aromas of expertly brewed coffee, traverse the curated selection of unique products, participate in a workshop, or simply soak in the welcoming atmosphere. And as you navigate through this creative haven, remember to seize the moment through your lens. In Koncrete Space, every frame tells a story, and every memory is a snapshot waiting to be captured and every cup is freshly brewed to welcome you at the door!

Where: Umm Suqeim 2
When: 8 am to 10 pm (weekdays)
8 am to 12 am (weekends)

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/Koncrete Space

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