Get Your Share Of Boozy Vodka Momos At This Food Joint In Delhi


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Served in Kababs N Rolls of Delhi’s Gole Market, these boozy vodka momos are infused with vodka and are so delicious.

What Is It?

Why have regular momos when you can have these alcoholic momos that are infused with vodka and dipped in a tangy gravy making it mouth-wateringly delicious. Kababs N Rolls in Delhi is serving this plateful of alcoholic momos that has found a new high for all the Delhiites to feast on.

What’s In It?

The momos come in two kinds of stuffingkeema for all the non-vegetarians and paneer for the vegetarians. This stuffing is infused with vodka and the momos are then deep-fried. They’re then sauteed in a tangy gravy which has more vodka poured into it with a drizzle of honey.

Topped with cilantro and sesame seeds used for a perfect garnishing, they’re ready to eat and get high on. The juicy and tangy flavours will be hard to resist and you’ll end up finishing the entire plate that cost just ₹120.

You could also try their Dahi Butter Chicken which is another speciality of this restaurant. The huge chunks of chicken are grilled and dipped in lots of butter and yogurt.


Address: Shaheed Bhagat Singh Lane, Gole Market, New Delhi
Phone: +91 9213776025, 011 43576428
Cost for two: ₹200

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Yashasvi Shaktawat
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