Getting Unbelievable Deals From Restaurant & Supermarket In Abu Dhabi? Beware, It May Be A Scam

by Deeplata Garde
Getting Unbelievable Deals From Restaurant & Supermarket In Abu Dhabi? Beware, It May Be A Scam

Abu Dhabi Police has declared a cautionary alarm to the general public regarding a mounting surge in cybercriminal activities. The scam aims at trapping unsuspecting victims through counterfeit websites and deceptive online advertisements. Restaurant deals, selling of pets and other online scams are circulating in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi police have warned people to save themselves from such schemes.

How Are Restaurant Deals A Part Of This Online Scam?

Among the prevalent scams is the creation of phoney websites that closely emulate the names and logos of renowned eateries and retail establishments. It entices the public with alluring “exclusive offers” or “discounts.” Victims receive enticing offers that compel that into making nominal payments via their credit cards on these sham platforms. Later, they find that instead of the promised bargains, either their entire account balances have been surreptitiously drained by the fraudsters or the money paid is never returned or even found.

Yet another scam targets individuals in pursuit of online employment opportunities. Fraudsters fabricate fictitious websites as genuine companies and beyond, Once trapped, victims would need to pay the processing fees” or “registration fees” to secure their positions. Later they find their investment met with silence and the scammers unresponsive.

An additional ruse involves the dissemination of counterfeit advertisements across social media platforms and mobile applications, purporting to offer exotic “pets for sale” or international adoptions. Scammers manipulate victims into covering purported expenses for “shipping and insurance,” directing funds to bank accounts or money exchange services. Regrettably, those who fall victim to this deception are left bereft of both their hard-earned money and the promised pets, as the scammers vanish without a trace.

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Abu Dhabi Police Are Searching For These Fraudsters

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Abu Dhabi Police have appealed to the public to exercise vigilance when confronted with online scam and transactions. They have urged to advocate against disclosing any confidential information, including passwords, PINs, or security codes, to unknown entities. 

In the ongoing battle against cyber criminality, Abu Dhabi Police are safeguarding the well-being of the populace. They are pledging to take resolute legal action against any individuals found guilty of disseminating misinformation that jeopardizes the nation’s security and stability.

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