Explore The Stunning Ghazipur Flower Market In Delhi NCR

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Explore The Stunning Ghazipur Flower Market In Delhi NCR

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Ghazipur Flower Market is Delhi’s wholesale market that supplies flowers to all kinds of customers coming from Delhi NCR.

What Is It?

The Ghazipur Flower market of Delhi is situated in Ghazipur that supplies blossoms to a variety of purchasers extending from occasion directors, wedding organizers, and fashioner flower specialists to little scale merchants.

The market opens right on time at 4 AM and goes on till wholesalers pack up and nearby buyers begin flooding in.

Image credits: Governance Now

What’s In It?

These blossoms are brought from all over India, just as from far off nations like Thailand, China and Holland, among others. These include marigolds, lilies, roses, orchids, gerberas, irises, anthuriums, and even fake blooms in shades of reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and whites, to feature only a couple of the wide array of blossoms.

A beautiful rose for Rs. 15 of every retail shop can be bought here for Rs. 4. As you dig further into the market, the costs fall further, the external shops being progressively costly.

In the off-season, deals are ready for whoever gets there first anyway amid pinnacle season (normally enduring September– February) and in short blasts at different occasions anticipate more expensive rates, with merchants less ready on limits.

A visit to this unique and stunning flower market is surely worth it and an uplifting experience that one must try!


Address: Ghazipur Phool Mandi – Zorawar Singh Marg, Tis Hazari, Near Anand Vihar ISBT