Girl Performs Stunts On Bike With SRK’s Song In Background; Srinagar Traffic Police Charges Fine

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Girl Performs Stunts On Bike With SRK’s Song In Background; Srinagar Traffic Police Charges Fine

We have all seen many viral videos where people driving or riding vehicles are seen putting their lives at risk. They are caught either performing dangerous stunts or going obscene with their partners. The videos go viral and are brought to the attention of the traffic police in that particular area. A recent video from Srinagar features a girl performing stunts, and this is what happened next. 

Girls Performs Stunts Bike In Srinagar

A video from Srinagar is going viral on the internet. The video features a girl riding a bike and performing a stunt. She could be clearly seen speeding up her bike and then suddenly leaving both her hands and opening her arms. 

The 21-second video on the internet shows the girl without a helmet and riding a Royal Enfield bike, which is grey in color. She, without any fear, carelessly leaves the handlebar and strikes a pose by opening her arms while the bike is at full speed.

The video also features the famous song from Shah Rukh Khan starrer Ra.One in the background. She then looks into the camera and shows the victory sign. 

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Police Took Prompt Action

The video featuring this girl from Srinagar went viral on social media. People tagged Srinagar traffic police, and it finally got their attention.

They took the matter into consideration very quickly. They immediately caught hold of the culprit and confiscated the bike. The girl was also counseled about the traffic rules and asked not to repeat the mistake again.

Srinagar traffic police posted their prompt action on the culprit. It mentioned that all the actions were taken based on the MV Act violation.

A recent viral video showed a couple kissing on the bike while the guy was riding it. The video was criticized by netizens. 

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