Global Warming Will Hit Middle East The Hardest; Water Scarcity To Increase By 15%

by Deeplata Garde
Global Warming Will Hit Middle East The Hardest; Water Scarcity To Increase By 15%

The earth is facing a Climate Crisis. Global Warming is no longer a myth, it is real, and it is happening now. The effects are observable all across the world. The crisis is past the point when it was only the cold countries that needed help because other towns in the world are soon going to suffer a heatwave! We are talking about Gulf countries where the temperatures are already scorching.

The Middle East To Experience Extreme Weathers Owning To Global Warming

The World Government Summit has cautioned that the Middle East. It will most likely get struck worse off by the global warming catastrophe. The regions with water scarcity growing by 15%.
If global temperatures rise by 2 C, the Middle East and North Africa would be the worst impacted. The study also called on the commercial sector to do more to help prevent environmental disasters. Furthermore, the United Nations has warned that owing to a scarcity of resources, especially water, hostilities might erupt in the region.
According to the analysis, the private sector might assist vulnerable communities to prepare for extreme weather events. Global warming Middle East might even suggest effective evacuation methods.

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UAE Needs To Cut Water Use As A National Security Issue

The DEWA head made his statement at Water Business Forum at Expo 2020 Dubai. About 40% of the world’s population falls prey to water scarcity. It is one of the seven priority areas of the National Innovation Strategy and a national security problem for the UAE. The UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 intends to secure the sustainable availability of water in both everyday and emergency situations. It’s vital to address future water security concerns to ensure that everyone has access to water in the long run. The constant extraction of groundwater will be responsible for the depletion of water resources in the UAE. Hence the government is urging people to cut water use and save the country from effects of Global Warming.


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