Goa Tourism Bans Single-Use Plastic, Wants To Be ‘Plastic Free’ By 2022

by Mrunal Mahajan
Goa Tourism Bans Single-Use Plastic, Wants To Be ‘Plastic Free’ By 2022

The Goa Tourism Development Corporation has introduced a ban on single-use plastic, like bottles, cups, and straws. This ban will be implicated across the state of Goa. The tourism department wants Goa to turn ‘Plastic Free’ before the year 2022 and hence have announced this ban in their GTDC hotels and headquarters.

The state of Goa is taking positive steps to remove and reduce the waste of plastic in every corner of their state. The GTDC chairman, Dayanand Sopte said that banning plastic will go a long way in contributing to the environment and in reducing plastic waste.

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Plastic waste has become an alarming issue in the state and hence to make the state free from plastic this proactive step has been taken. The recyclable items like paper and glass will be used across the state as decided in a meeting held by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation.

Since Goa is a prime tourist attraction, GTDC is taking this step in order to preserve its beaches and towns. Chairman Sopte said, “We at GTDC have taken on this campaign from the head office first and all our residencies will execute this within the next three months so that we can play a significant role in the endeavor to conserve the environment. This decision of banning the use of plastic items will help towards creating an environmentally sustainable tourism sector,” said Sopte, reports, Business Standard.

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Plastic waste is an issue that needs everyone’s attention and banning plastic is the need of the hour. It is destroying marine life as well as creating more and more waste that cannot be recycled for years.

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