Goa Politician Durgasdas Kamat Tweets ‘Do We Need Such Cheap Tourists In Goa?’

by Mrunal Mahajan
Goa Politician Durgasdas Kamat Tweets ‘Do We Need Such Cheap Tourists In Goa?’

We all love Goa and it hurts when the love isn’t reciprocated. Goa politician, Durgadas Kamat, Vice President and spokesperson of Goa Forward Party recently tweeted a photo of passengers sleeping at the Goa airport stating,  “Do we need such cheap tourist in Goa? @aaigoaairport should act on this. We don’t need scum like these to visit Goa. We need quality tourist, who will come, spend & enjoy Goa & its beauty”

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The politician faced a lot of flak for his remark on tourists sleeping at the airport. Many who have travelled via Goa airport has left comments on his tweet saying that the facilities at the airport are poor. With no resting place & poor   infrastructure, passengers whose flights have been delayed have no option but to stay at the airport.

Other passengers tweeted saying that the autos and the taxi mafias do not let private taxis like Ola and Uber take rides from the airport. There are very little or no facilities at Goa airport and has been poorly maintained.

Furthermore, the Goa Forward Party’s official twitter account has tweeted saying, “Our president and @DyCMGoa  @VijaiSardesai have constantly raised the negative economic, cultural and social impact of orienting our tourism to cater to such crowds.” These tweets have turned people furious since words like ‘such crowds’ ‘cheap tourists’ ‘scums’ have been used in the twitter account of the politician as well as the party.

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The concerns raised by the travellers have been conveniently ignored and there are no tweets that ensure the functioning or facilities will get any better.