Godawan Whisky Took Center Stage At The 77th Cannes Film Festival; Here Are The Drinks Served

Celebrating India's rich heritage on the global stage.

by Mallika Khurana
Godawan Whisky Took Center Stage At The 77th Cannes Film Festival; Here Are The Drinks Served

Under the starlit canopy of the French Riviera, the 77th Cannes Film Festival unfolded with its characteristic splendour. Amidst the swirl of couture gowns and camera flashes, one event emerged as a beacon of cultural fusion and culinary finesse. An exclusive dinner was hosted by Godawan Artisanal Single Malt Whisky at the illustrious Bharath Pavilion. This soirée showcased the nation’s rich tapestry of craftsmanship and culinary finesse on an international stage. And, what did the stars sip on? Here’s all about the presence of Godawan whisky at Cannes!

Godawan Whisky Shines Bright At Cannes

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At this exclusive dinner, the true stars of the night were not the celebrities gracing the red carpet, but the meticulously crafted libations that awaited them. Renowned Chef Varun Totlani lent his culinary prowess to craft a symphony of flavours that danced harmoniously with Godawan’s artisanal whiskies.

First in line was the Godawan 01 PX Sherry Cask, served on the rocks. This masterfully crafted whisky is matured in sherry casks and infused with indigenous Indian botanicals. It certainly teased the palate with notes of sultanas and dry fruits.

Following suit was the Godawan 02 Cherry Cask, presented with a dash of water in a highball glass. With its complex blend of vanilla, clove, and fruity coconut aromas, this whisky, aged in cherrywood casks and imbued with the essence of Rasna and Jatamansi, offered a tantalising interplay of sweet and sour undertones, culminating in a luxuriously dark elixir of indulgence.

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A Toast To Tradition At Cannes Film Festival

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But the evening didn’t stop there. Guests were treated to a symphony of cocktails that paid homage to India’s vibrant culinary landscape and global influence. From the nostalgic embrace of the Strawberries & Dreams, a Ketel One Vodka concoction that captured the essence of summertime bliss, to the G & Tea, a Tanqueray London Dry Gin infusion that elevated the classic gin and tonic with a hint of Darjeeling tea and peach syrup, each sip was a journey through time and taste.

Bollywood Margarita by Pistola Joven added a playful twist to the evening, blending Indian flavours with international flair. The Buransh Hi-Ball by Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin also transported guests to the serene landscapes of the Himalayas with its refreshing blend of Rhododendron nectar and lime.

The culinary symphony reached a crescendo with decadent treats like Baileys Iced Coffee. It is a rich blend of Baileys Irish Cream and cold-brewed coffee. Next up was the Himalayan Old Fashioned by Johnnie Walker Black Label, a classic cocktail enhanced with the warmth of Himalayan Multiflora Honey. The night unfolded like a cinematic masterpiece.

In every sip, the spirit of India’s rich cultural heritage shone brightly.

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