Goila Butter Chicken Co-Founder’s Mom Goes Missing On Cruise Bound For Singapore; Seeks Help

by Tooba Shaikh
Goila Butter Chicken Co-Founder’s Mom Goes Missing On Cruise Bound For Singapore; Seeks Help

Vivek Sahani, who is the co-founder of Goila Butter Chicken, recently took to his Instagram account and shared the sad news that his mother was missing. Reeta Sahani, who is 64 years old was travelling with her husband, Jakesh Sahani on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The ship on which the two were aboard was called Spectrum of the Sea. According to what Vivek Sahani posted on his Instagram, it seems that she has been missing since yesterday. Reports suggest that fell overboard.

Goila Butter Chicken Co-Founder’s Mom Goes Missing


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According to an article recently published by The Indian Express, the ship was heading back to Singapore from Penang. The cruise was four days long and the couple were on the last day of their cruise.

Reeta Sahani has been missing since the 31st of July. According to an article published recently by Insider, Jakesh Sahani woke up in the middle of the night and found his wife to be missing. He reported it to the officials on the ship.

They told him that his wife was seen sitting at the ship’s railing around 4 AM in the CCTV footage. Even Vivek Sahani mentions in his post that the ship officials told his father that Reeta jumped overboard. He also alleged that the officials were trying to wash their hands of the affair.

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Co-Founder Asks For Help

In his heartfelt Instagram post, he asked the concerned Indian officials to take immediate action and to help the family in finding out what actually happened to his mother. He even shared his brother’s tweet regarding the same.

Both the Instagram post and the Tweet state that Jakesh was off-boarded to the next cruise in what seems to be a very inhumane way. Meanwhile, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre or MRCC is searching for Reeta Sahani. They were notified regarding the incident at around 7:50 AM local time.

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