From Spoon Hack To Michelin Namkeen, Sanjeev Kapoor & Saransh Goila Do Hilarious Chef Stunts!

by Sanjana Shenoy
From Spoon Hack To Michelin Namkeen, Sanjeev Kapoor & Saransh Goila Do Hilarious Chef Stunts!

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Saranash Goila bring the house down with their relatable food antics every time they hang out together. This time, the two chefs cooked up a storm together when they put out a video dishing hilarious stunts that ONLY chefs do. You’ve got to check out this funny video RN!

Sanjeev Kapoor & Saransh Goila Share Hilarious Chef’s Hacks!

Sanjeev Kapoor shared a hilarious video on Instagram where he and Chef Saransh Goila show funny stunts that only chefs do. He supplements this video with a cautionary message: try these stunts only if you’re a chef. Also, he asks Instagrammers to leave a comment if they liked the spoon hack. What is Chef Sanjeev Kapoor talking about? Let’s get right to it ASAP!


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The slew of chef’s hacks, start with Sanjeev Kapoor and Saransh Goila tasting boiling hot food straight out of a pan. Then, as he reads a book, Sanjeev Kapoor places a spoon on his eye like a jade roller. The next hack, was the Goila chef walking around while talking on the phone and stopping by just to grab a bite from a pan. He says chefs often have lunch and dinner while walking around.

Also, did you know chefs sometimes have knife holders instead of pen holders? Observe Sanjeev Kapoor removing a pen knife and using it to peel an apple sitting at his work desk. And then, of course, the most delicious and hilarious of all the chef hacks— eating namkeen like a Michelin star snack. Watch the duo, take a sniff out of the namkeen box and hungrily gobble on it!

Netizens Couldn’t Agree More!

Well, these are some of the things only chefs do! And we’re amused to see the iconic Indian chefs give fans a glimpse of their quirks. Saransh Goila goes on to add in the comments section that using spoons as jade rollers is a life-changing hack. We’re taking notes, Chef!

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Kolkata food vlogger, Ishita Dan agrees that even when she is dieting, she keeps eating the pasta while cooking it. @homechefalison totally agrees with the chalte phirte lunch-dinner khaana hack! And many others couldn’t stop laughing at the relatable chef’s hacks. Many admitted to doing these despite not being chefs! 

Well, foodies, which of these chef’s hacks are you guilty of doing?

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