Grab Luscious, Chocolatey Waffle Popsicles At This Mumbai Food Stall At Just ₹40

by Suchismita Pal
Grab Luscious, Chocolatey Waffle Popsicles At This Mumbai Food Stall At Just ₹40

A hearty chocolate waffle daubed with cream, chocolate sauce, choco chips and more can be the ultimate treat to pamper our taste buds. Biting into its succulent flavours is one of the most pacifying feelings one can ever have. Having said that, decently done waffles usually cost no lesser than ₹100-₹140, even from roadside shops. But a stall in Mumbai sells highly delish waffle sticks starting at an unbelievably low price of ₹40. Waffles on Wheels in Malad East sells different kinds of waffles at highly affordable rates to keep your tummies full and pockets light.

Waffle Popsicles To Melt Your Heart!

Waffles on Wheels serves special waffle popsicles dipped in the chocolate of your choice and topped with chocolate sauce, choco chips and ice creams. You can choose from three different kinds of chocolate dips here. We are crushing on the Mixed Chocolate Popsicle which is served at ₹70. The Oreo Ice Cream Waffle too is a must-try here. Located behind Diamond market near Malad station, the waffle joint is a hit among dessert lovers. It starts serving its delicacies after around 4 PM.

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Burst Your Stresses With These Tempting Desserts

Besides waffle popsicles, the shop also makes a unique chocolate waffle dressed in ice cream and topped with gems. The best part about waffle sticks is that you can relish them without getting your hands coated with chocolate. They are affordable, convenient and delectable at the same time. A simple look at these waffles will kill all your stresses. They look jaw-droppingly Instaworthy!

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So, the next time you head to Malad, don’t forget to grab a popsicle from Waffles on Wheels!

Address | Khau Galli, Gaushala Ln, Malad, Primal Nagar,, Malad East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400097