Sabudana Waffle Is The Latest Food Trend Winning Hearts On The Internet

by Sanjana Shenoy
Sabudana Waffle Is The Latest Food Trend Winning Hearts On The Internet

Let’s be honest. Food trend videos these days are nothing less than horror shows. Watching idlis being crushed, mixed with chutney and sambhar and transformed into ice cream, can send shivers down your spine. And omelette prepared with Fanta? Don’t get us started on that. But there’s light at the end of the food trend tunnel. And one such dish is the Sabudana Waffle, that’s winning hearts on the internet. Read on for more deets.

Best Of Both Worlds- Sabudana Vada & Waffles

Mansi, a vegetarian food blogger from the USA is a recipe developer and restaurant critic. She posts easy to prepare, vegetarian recipes on her Instagram page @vspiceroute. One such recipe of hers, ‘Sabudana Waffle’ has garnered a lot of attention on social media. Get the best of both worlds- desi, crispy sabudana vada ( made of tapioca pearls) and popular American breakfast snack waffles. To prepare this dish, Mansi pours the sabudana vada batter into a waffle maker. And voila! She concocts a thinner, crispier version of the vada, the waffle.

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Netizens Love This Innovative Dish

So, this way, the dish is healthier than the deep-fried sabudana vada. It’s crunchier, lighter and firm in texture. Her recipe and Instagram reel became an instant hit amongst foodies. Many lauded her for her ‘Genius idea’ and fun innovation with food. More often than not, we buy a waffle maker for waffles, and we’re left wondering how else we can put it to good use. Thanks to Mansi, our concerns are sorted. So, Sabudana Waffles anyone? Meanwhile, here’s a video to find out what type of foodie you are.