Grandma Barbecues Drumsticks Over Charcoal & Prepares Drool-worthy Dish; Netizens Say, “Best Protein Source”

Eswari S Internet's cooking sensation recently shared a delish recipe for Barbecue Drumstick Fry.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Grandma Barbecues Drumsticks Over Charcoal & Prepares Drool-worthy Dish; Netizens Say, “Best Protein Source”

Drumstick AKA Moringa is no less than a superfood. Even our Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves eating moringa paratha at least twice or thrice a week all thanks to its rich nutrient profile.  If you’ve wondered how you can incorporate drumsticks in a dish, then we have a great recco. A viral video circulating on Instagram shows a grandmother traditionally preparing Barbecue Fry Drumstick using village cooking techniques. Read on to learn all about this fab dish.

Grandma Prepares Lip-smacking Dish With Drumsticks Using Traditional Cooking Methods


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Eswari S, the Internet’s cooking sensation, a grandmother from a village in Tamil Nadu is known for sharing delish recipes from her village. This time, the octogenarian took to her @countryfoodcooking page on Instagram to share a recipe for Barbecue Fry Drumstick. In the viral video, Eswari first sets up a makeshift fire pit in the ground. The Grandma lights it and places a bunch of drumsticks over the flame. Once the drumsticks are charred to perfection, she removes it from the pit. 

The saree-clad Internet influencer cleans the drumsticks with water and later de-seeds them and removes the fibre using a spoon. Next, Eswari prepares a semi-dry gravy by first adding mustard oil and mustard seeds to an earthen clay pot simmering over firewood. Then, the village cook adds urad dal, green chillies and garlic to it. Once the spices are tempered, she adds chopped tomatoes, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, tomatoes, and salt, giving it a good mix. Finally, she added the drumstick seeds and fibres which she had separated and kept aside. 

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Netizens Love The Dish As It’s Rich In Protein

grandma drumsticks

The mixture is simmered for a bit and she stirs it well. After which, the Barbecue Fry Drumstick is ready to be served. Eswari serves the lip-smacking drumstick dish with rice in an earthen bowl. Garnering over 60 million views, this drumstick dish won the hearts of Netizens. admired the grandmother for her expert cooking skills and her knowledge of family recipes from her village. 

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Many Netizens lauded the dish and even called drumsticks, the “best protein source.” Drumstick and drumstick leaves have about 9.8 grams of protein per 100 grams.

A Netizen called this meal “yummy” and “nutritionally beneficial.” @gayanashashank lauded the grandmother for not including the burnt side of the drumstick. She stated that grandmothers are well aware of the health benefits of this ingredient.

Meanwhile, let us know if you’re excited to prepare this drumstick dish because we certainly are!

Cover Image Courtesy: @countryfoodcooking/ Instagram

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