Grandma Travels 30 Hours In Plane To See Her Granddaughter, Netizens Get Emotional

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Grandma Travels 30 Hours In Plane To See Her Granddaughter, Netizens Get Emotional

Trust me, and consider yourself extremely blessed if you have grandparents. Go and hug them right away! I mean, there is no love on this planet that is as unconditional as theirs. Even with those wrinkled, weak hands, they can move mountains for you! A Twitter user posted a picture of her grandma, and the caption mentioned that her grandma travelled 30 hours just to see her. This is love!

Grandma Travels 30 Hours To Meet Granddaughter

Grandparents are the cutest, way more cute than little babies, if you ask me. Their love and, in fact, the way they express it towards us is simply so pure. 

In a recent incident, a grandma travelled 30 hours on a plane just to meet her granddaughter on the other side of the globe. @ApurvaChalla posted a sweet picture of her grandma on her Twitter handle and mentioned that her grandma actually travelled 30 hours on the plane. Her grandma looked beautiful in a golden bordered saree. 

Being patient for 30 hours and travelling on a long-haul flight for so long is not at all easy, even for us. Imagine the love this grandma has for her granddaughter!

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Twitteratis Are In Awe

This picture of  @ApurvaChalla’s grandma has by far garnered over 757.5K views and over 15.5K likes. 

Netizens bombarded the post with heart and heart in the eyes emojis in the comments section. Many users called the granddaughter lucky for being blessed with such a loving grandma. 

Some users wished her a happy and safe journey as well. One user spoke about grandparents who love their grandchildren unconditionally and got emotional. Many users missed their grandparents and also shared sweet anecdotes in the comments section. 

Looking at the other side of the coin, many users criticised the granddaughter for making her grandma travel so much at this age. 


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Cover Image Courtesy: @apurvachalla/Twitter