Grass Rooftop Houses In Faroe Islands

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Grass Rooftop Houses In Faroe Islands

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Rooftops made of grass?! It is a reality in this part of the world, Faroe Islands, Northern Atlantic.


What Is It?

Inside the Faroe Islands is located a small village, Bour, where grass rooftops are a reality and must for every house!


The concept was introduced as a response to the continuous heavy showers that descend upon this quiet town for 300 days in a year!

What’s In It?

The grass rooftops protect inhabitants from the incessant pattering of raindrops resulting in Thermal Insulation.


The oldest house with this technology dates back to 500 years situated in Tórshavn, another little town on the islands. All the villages are quaint and old with beautiful views and scenery of the sea and the mountains beyond, the most famous being the rocky islet Tindholmer.


It also houses a Church that was constructed in 1865!


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