Growth Of Middle Class Increases Demand For Travel In India

by Sanjana Shenoy
Growth Of Middle Class Increases Demand For Travel In India

The increase in the disposable incomes of India’s middle-class today has added a crucial desire to their wishlist- TRAVEL. The explosion of the disposable income of the middle class of India has encouraged a wide number of people to travel across India and abroad. India is witnessing a rise in the number of domestic travellers and international travellers. So tourism departments and states are opening up scenic villages and towns to travellers. Even luxury hotel brands are coming up with new strategies to attract travellers.

What’s More?

The director of sales and marketing at Grand Hyatt Bolgatty in Kochi, Mausam Bhattacharya informed a reputed Indian news agency, that the growth of the middle class had triggered a huge demand for travel within the country. He further added that as hoteliers, they have to realign themselves to reach out to the target audience and build suitable products for them. MakeMyTrip CEO Deep Kalra also stated to a reputed news agency that there has been a rise in international travel in a faster and higher manner as compared to domestic travel. The middle class of India now have the money to travel overseas and it is seen as something aspirational.

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According to the UN World Tourism Organization report, around 50 million Indians will be travelling overseas in the year 2019 as compared to 2017 when 23 million Indians travelled overseas. And that’s not all, Indian tourists are also the world’s highest spenders per overseas travel. Don’t we Indians just love indulging in the finest cuisines abroad and shopping loads of souvenirs for our relatives back home? Well now that there has been an explosion of India’s middle classes and a rise in their disposable incomes, we’re sure that many people will be ticking picturesque cities and countries off their bucket list. And we at Curly Tales, are happy to help people with their travel desires.

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