Had A New Born? Here’s How To Apply For Their Dubai Visa

by Deeplata Garde
Had A New Born? Here’s How To Apply For Their Dubai Visa

Achieving a visa is the most crucial document to own in any country. In case you happen to have a baby, getting a residency visa for the same should be a priority. From gathering all the documents/paperwork to finally receiving the visa for the newborn, here’s a detailed guide for help. Follow these steps to avoid any confusion and get the Dubai Visa for Newborns hassle-free.

Which Documents Are Important?

The basic documents required for obtaining a residency visa in any country for a newborn include a birth certificate. It needs to be specifically attested by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Apart from that, it would be of great help to you if you got the baby’s passport issued. Another document that both parents need to submit is their passport copy with a valid stamped residence visa.

Some mandatory documents

  1. A copy of the sponsor’s Emirates ID
  2. The parents’ attested marriage certificate
  3. A copy of your lease agreement
  4. A salary certificate or labour contract

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Application Procedure For Dubai Visa

1. Go to gdrfa.gov.ae.
2. From the top menu, select ‘Services.’
3. Click on “Residency services.” You’ll be further prompted to check in using either your GDRFA account or your UAE Pass.
4. After logging in, you’ll see your personal dashboard, which contains information on your residency as well as any dependents you’ve sponsored.
5. In the right-hand corner of the screen, select ‘New application.’
6. Select ‘new applicant’ under the dependents section, check ‘New resident entrance permit,’ and click ‘apply.’ After that, you’ll get further transferred to the application form.
7. Enter your Ejari number and salary.
8. Fill in your child’s passport information.
9. Fill in the address information for both Dubai and your home country.
10. Click the ‘proceed’ button.
11. After that, you will need to upload the relevant documents mentioned above
12. Pay according to the length of the visa you’ve applied for. The overall cost of a two-year visa application would be roughly Dh2,300. (This does not include the purchase of an Emirates ID).
13. Once you’ve paid, you’ll need to specify the passport collection day and time for the visa to get a stamp.

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