Beat The Heat With Hari Om Juice Bar’s Mango Cream Shake

by Angel Srivastava
Beat The Heat With Hari Om Juice Bar’s Mango Cream Shake

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While summers have taken a toll over Pune this year, a glass of Hari Om Juice Bar’s Mango Cream Shake is everything you need to keep cool this summer.

Image Credits: Hari Om Juice Bar

What is it?

Hari Om Juice Bar is a small shop comfortably settled in the middle of Budhwar Peth. It is known for serving delicious Mango Cream in this scorching heat since the 1960’s.

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The shake is uniquely made and unlike any other found in Pune. It contains a thick mango shake with a splash of cream and pieces of mango. The mango flavour is very rich and extremely creamy. The whipped cream is light and frothy, not making the drink too heavy.

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People from all across Pune come over to this hole-in-the-wall shop to get their hands on this mangolicious delight, and never go back disappointed. We know we weren’t.

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You can also try their strawberry and chocolate cream shakes as well.

Don’t believe us? Then why don’t you check it out for yourself? Trust us, you’ll be hooked.

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Address: Hari Om Juice Bar, 95-76, Raviwar Peth Rd, Bodke Wada, Ganesh Peth, Pune

Timings: 9:30 am to 12:00 am

Price for two: Rs 250 (Approx