Harry Potter Fans, Stay In This Airbnb In The UK Which Is Harry Potter’s Birth House 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Harry Potter Fans, Stay In This Airbnb In The UK Which Is Harry Potter’s Birth House 

Harry Potter fans, we know how the wizarding world has played such an important role in shaping the person you are today. The camaraderie between friends, the mentorship of the teachers, and the magic in the air have a special place in your hearts to date. So, the next time you’re in the UK, why not rent an Airbnb which comes right out of the Harry Potter world?

This Airbnb In The UK Comes Right Out Of The Harry Potter World

In the film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, you’d have seen the charming cottage in Godric’s Hollow, the birthplace of Harry Potter. And if you’d ever wished you could live in the world, you actually can and how! This is actually the hunting lodge of the De Vere family. Built in the 1300s, this cottage in London in the charming village of Lavenham in Suffolk once hosted King Henry VIII.

harry potter airbnb
Picture Credits: Airbnb/ De Vere House

Now, this is an Airbnb which promises Harry Potter nostalgia, old-world rustic charm and a cosy bed-and-breakfast experience. You can choose to stay in any one of the two rooms here. Keep in mind both rooms have ensuite bathrooms, private guest sitting rooms, a courtyard garden, a log fire, medieval wall paintings and more. It’s definitely a magical property. Apart from giving you the chills as it may remind you of a 70s old horror film location apart from Harry potter of course, the space has modern amenities.

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Delicious Food, Magic Skills & Much More!

Don’t worry, you can click and post lots of pictures for other Harry Potter fans thanks to their high-speed Wi-Fi. Foodies can tuck into their toasted marshmallows right out of the fireplace,  and even hot crumpets. Eat a delicious European breakfast like a king up until 11 am. Nestled close to charming shops and award-winning restaurants, there is lots to explore across town. Harry Potter fans can even polish their magic skills with a Magic Circle magician on Magic Weekends. And art lovers can take up an art workshop hosted by a local expert.

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Keep in mind, you have to stay here for a minimum of 2 nights. To book a room for one guest, the price comes up to £339 (₹35,389). So, are you planning to add De Vere House to your wishlist?

Cover Image Credits: Airbnb/ De Vere House